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Alan Tudyk's Reddit AMA's is Just Like I Imagined It Would Be

By Petr Knava | reddit | September 8, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | September 8, 2017 |

Over the years, Alan Tudyk has quietly become one of the most reliable presences in Hollywood. Whether it’s live action, mo-cap, or voice acting, if you got a Tudyk on your project he will enliven proceedings and sometimes be the best thing about it—*COUGH*Rogue One*COUGH*. He is an actor of easygoing charisma, quick with witty banter, who can nevertheless absolutely hold his own when the dramatic stakes are raised. Personally, I’m a big fan.

Last night, Tudyk stopped by Reddit to host an Ask Me Anything, and it went pretty much just like I imagined it would. You can check out the full thread here but below is his intro as well as some highlights:

My name is Alan Tudyk (pronounced Tyoo Dik). I am a Pieces, I love long walks in the mountains and short walks on the beach. I like medium length walks in fields of grain but medium short to medium-long walks among tuberous crops like potato’s or beets and sometimes carrots. I prefer sprints in bear infested forests and have written off chickens as stupid. My band’s name is Hot Gazpacho. I am currently seeking a replacement drummer, a lead guitarist, a base player, a lead singer, a few backup singers, instruments and a musical style loved by all.

You’re a pieces?

Did I spell it wrong? I am fish.

When was the last time you felt like a leaf on the wind? Also your acting in tucker and dale kills me. Bang up job, you’re one of my favorites.

when I was nominated for the Emmy. It required a mantra to calm me down.

How did you get into character for your roles in Moana?

I lived in a chicken coop fro a month learning the ways of the chicken.

Hi. What would be your dream film project?

Serenity .05 - they early years where e everyone looks older

Please clear this up for me: are you British-American or American-British or Intergalactic-Chinois?


Was going to Julliard worth it?

Absolutely. All my accents have benefitted from their dogged pursuit of vocal perfection. Hated it while I was doing it but have used it throughout my career.

What is the least exaggerated yet most unbelievable story that has happened to you while at a con? If that’s too specific, weirdest real thing that’s happened because you’re a celebrity?
Thanks so much for Firefly and Con Man- both have been a great source of entertainment and joy in my life. I would probably faint if I ever met you, but I’ll stop the fanboying while I still have some dignity.

I had a girl come into my room on accident. I answered the door and she came in not looking at me bitching about how her key doesn’t work. I think she was drunk.

Do you enjoy watching movies with yourself in them, or have you given up on watching any movies ever?

Nah. I will with my wife if she hasn’t seen it. Sometimes I turn on HBO or sorting and one is running and I will stay on it to watch. Firefly is the exception. I am not watching me I am watching the show. SO cool.

Hi Alan,
Big fan of Strangers with Candy, How was your experience working with Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert.. etc?
Thank you Father!

I learned so much. I knew Amy from a few plays we did together back in the day. Colbert was always intimidating to me. He is so damned impressive. Amy too but Amy is Amy. I knew her ahead of time.

I love Death at a Funeral. What was it like being directed by Yoda? Also, how did you end up getting cast in a primarily British film? (You were awesome, btw)

I sent in an audition. Frank Oz championed me. It wasn’t easy. One the best jobs I have ever had.

Any chance we can hear your velvety voice in Wreck It Ralph Two?

they have stated I am their lucky charm. I won’t argue. Why would I? So it could be likely.

Why did all those college kids keep killing themselves on your land?

rewatch it. mainly they are stupid. they followed a killers instructions mainly. also stupid.

I always wanted to know how to properly pronounce your name. Thanks! Do you get that a lot?

yes. it’s not a common name

Alan, thank you for all the work you’ve done, ranging from Firefly, to Tucker and Dale, Dodgeball, Moana, etc etc.
I was wondering which voice acting role you found the most challenging in your career?

wish I knew. They all have their own challenges. Disney is really relaxed though so they are supportive of everything I do. Feels like that anyway. Con MAn. season one maybe. We walked a thin line with the stereotypical Vo roles. It was meant to be perceived as racist so I really had to push it to make the comedy work. It is one of my favorite episodes.

Hello Alan!
Loved you in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Can you share any interesting stories in the making of that seminal film?

the seminal part was unforgettable.

Hi! What was your experience like working with Shia LaBeouf and the other actors on Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

We got along. I had a blest on that. I know there are crazy stories about many of the people on that movie but my experience was lovely.

Did anyone explicitly ask you to reprise your role as K-2SO when directing you on The Tick as the rogue boat companion of Overkill?
I got a very similar vibe from both roles.

me too. it wasn’t till I watched it. they are very different in my head. I got to improve more in Rogue. The Tick is tighter on lines. I am voicing over after hey have already shot the scene. There isn’t any reason to MoCap so I am not there when they film to add my two cents.

What was your favorite bit part you ever played but never got credited for?

I don’t think I was credited as playing the Mayor in the Rick and MOrty I did. I did two roles.

Who would win in a fight: Sean Astin or Nathan Fillion?

Fillion. He has the reach and size advantage. It would be a blood bath or a puss shower

We know lots of stuff was shot for Rogue One and not used, any scenes you wish had been included?

seriously no. the re-writes were amazing. in the original I never got a gun. I begged for it. it was meant to be.

Which bawk was your favorite bawk to bawk when you were bawking for Moana?

the middle one. The one right int he middle

How does it feel being one of the most handsome actors in the business?
(You were totally my teen crush)

Which business are you referring to? Nice of you to say. Thank you.

Helloo, so what is the thing most people say who recognize you, so I can avoid it if I should ever get so lucky? “Hey, aren’t you the dude from firefly?” And what would you prefer? Gimme some tips for the least-annoyance factor please.

Say Con Man. I will love you more.

Hi Alan, I know this subject is beyond beating a dead horse but is there anything Firefly-related for you in the future (as in prequel related)?

I hope for a prequel but animated. That is doable and can be good.

Hi. I was wondering what some of your toughest challenges were working on Con Man as a writer, director and actor simultaneously for the first time?
And congrats on your Emmy nomination-it’s a brilliant show and well deserved by such an under appreciated actor.

Thank you. The toughest challenge was doing all those jobs at once. It took up every inch of my brain. I was like a broken robot that could only compute one thing. It changed my life. In a good way. I am so aware of peoples contribution to any project. Cut, crew, crafty, transpo etc….

Whats the funniest “oh shit, I fucked up” thing that’s ever happened to you in your career?

when I set out to write all episode son season one of Con Man and Direct all epodes of season one of Con Man, also when I set out to produce all episodes of Con Man and when I set out to act as the lead of all episodes of season one of Con Man simultaneously.

kittens or puppies and why?

puppies. I have two and they rule. me. they rule me.

I love you, do you love me too?

of course. I will always remember that week-end in Zanzibar.

Thank you for the entertainment!
Can you come to Boise, ID, so we can take a medium-short to medium-long walk through a field of tuberous potatoes while I wax rhapsodic about how you are one of the few celebrities that I would really care to meet?
I promise to only look at you semi-longingly.

ha ha

Hi Alan, huge fan here!
What is your biggest fear?

Nothing. I fear nothing. Not even death. You hear me God. Do your worst. Ha ha ha ha! I laugh in your undefinable face! I am most afraid of repercussions of what I have just written


Petr Knava lives in London and plays music

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