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Reddit Asks the Question: 'Is It Bullsh*t?'

By Jodi Smith | reddit | October 23, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | reddit | October 23, 2017 |

Yes, there is a sub-reddit for everything. The basic purpose of the “Is It Bullshit” sub-reddit is to answer questions people have about almost anything they’ve heard but question whether it is true. Sometimes you feel better seeing questions you’ve asked yourself. Sometimes you wonder what could have happened to someone’s Google skills. Either way, it’s an entertaining sub-reddit.

A couple of people have told me off for re-filling a plastic bottle and drinking from it again. They tell me that the plastic contains dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer. Sounds like BS to me. - JoeyJ3DY

ChiXiSigma - Cancer Research UK

laceandhoney - For the lazy: there’s no scientific evidence to suggest it’s dangerous.

Chiropractors? - briin79

ahubbs - Why are chiropractors quacks?? The CORE of chiropractic is based on vertebral subluxation

To normal science subluxation describes a type of slight dislocation of something like a disc or bone or otherwise.

Well that sounds good except chiropractic is based on some bullshit subluxation that doesn’t fucking exist. IT DOESN’T. It is some ethereal force that can’t be proven.

Wiki statement on it is this: ” The chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex has been a source of controversy since its inception in 1895 due to the lack of empirical evidence for existence and its metaphysical origins and claims of far reaching effects on health and disease. Although some chiropractic associations and colleges support the concept of subluxation,[1] many in the chiropractic profession reject it and shun the use of this term as a diagnosis[1][4] In the United States and in Canada the term nonallopathic lesion may be used in place of subluxation.”

From this book.

76.5% of chiropractors teach that there is a relationship between spinal subluxations and internal health and that subluxation is a significant contributing factor in 62.1% of visceral ailments. The overwhelming majority of respondents (88.1%) said they want to retain the term “vertebral subluxation complex” and 89.8% opposed limiting use of chiropractic adjustments to treatment of musculoskeletal problems.”

So easily 3/4 of chiropractors subscribe a theory that has a 100+ years of examination and doesn’t do anything of the sort.

Now, modern chiropractors often include stretching, heat, etc. JUST LIKE PHYSICAL THERAPIST that are trained in safe, proven, non quackery.

Drink a tablespoon of cider vinegar per day to aid in breaking down fat. - brother_p

Asuminghoney - Bullshit. Pulled from Wikipedia, “Although use of apple cider vinegar to promote health has a long history in folklore and traditional medicine,[2] there remains insufficient evidence from modern high-quality clinical research to support any health claims. Preliminary research is being conducted to determine possible effects on blood glucose levels, satiety, anti-infective properties (either topically or orally), and hypertension or cancer, but no significant clinical studies have supported its use for these conditions as of 2017.[2] Further, ingestion of the acetic acid in vinegar poses a risk of possible injury to soft tissues of the mouth, throat, stomach and kidneys.[1][2][3] Uses for topical treatment, cleaning solutions, or eye accidents are included as warnings under poison advisories.[4]”

I saw an episode of Law and Order SVU where a lesbian couple was legally mother and daughter. one of them died with a big inheritance and yada yada one killed the other. In this episode they explained that many homesexual couples used adoption to allow for legal rights like hospital visitation, taxes, and other marital benefits. I ask because I thought only a minor could be legally adopted. an adult can adopt an adult? an 18 year old could adopt a 32 year old? - Stainzz

maslowk - Apparently it depends on where you live, but it appears adults adopting adults (including between gay couples) is a thing, mostly to establish inheritance rights:


“Man-buns” or “Top-knot” style haircuts can cause baldness due to traction alopecia for men? - agingercrab

This one answered their own question: It’s trending on facebook and there’s a an “independant” article about it.

Eating local honey will help clear up allergies - mnfloro

iamAshlee - Yes, It’s Bullshit. NYTimes webmd

“Cleanse” diets give your digestion and body the rest it needs to repair itself - friedman31

daddyrockyou - Your liver and kidneys are already doing all the “detoxing” your body needs. Cleanses and detoxes are complete BS and an absolute waste of money. Science Based Medicine

Man tries to raise homunculus from chicken egg and his own sperm with unexpected success. - salern

deleted - Yes, it’s bullshit. I think the actual object he takes from the egg is like, chewing gum with magnets so he can move it. I think the black goo in the mixture of egg white and egg yolk is failed organic material. You see, humans and chickens have very different genetic material, and different number of chromosomes. And when the semen was inserted to the egg, the sperm tried to fertilize the egg and, well, create a fully living organism. But, because of the vast genetic differences, it failed, only producing failed cells and letting out raw DNA and proteins.

Here’s a post that explains it better.

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