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'Preacher' Recap: Let's Cast Fake God To Appear On 'Game Of Thrones'

By Brian Richards | Preacher | July 11, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | Preacher | July 11, 2017 |

Previously on Preacher: Jesse hits up nearly every jazz bar in New Orleans in his search for God, and he finds Him, in the form of a man in a skin-tight Dalmatian suit who performs all sorts of sexual favors for at least $12,000. Clearly, this is not the God he was looking for.

THE STORY SO FAR: Tulip has finally been found and placed in custody by the ever-mysterious Viktor, and judging from the ginormous X-Mansion he lives in, the dozen or so associates in black suits working for him, the huge safe filled with guns in his office, and the torture chamber that he also has in his office where one person is being tied up and sprayed in the face with acid, he clearly is not someone to mess with and who Tulip is not happy at all to be reunited with. Despite her attempts at crocodile tears with Viktor and her attempts at being friendly with every single person in Viktor’s house, she realizes that her only means of escape is to grab a gun, beat the living shit out of everyone in her path, and make a run for it.

Tulip’s absence causes Cassidy to worry about her, whereas Jesse is preoccupied with hitting up more jazz bars and looking for God, and thanks to Cassidy spotting Fake God from last season’s finale as an actor in an infomercial about people who have been left homeless as a result of Hurricane Katrina hosted by Frankie Muniz(?!), he’s found a huge piece for this particular puzzle. Especially after watching Fake God’s actor Mark Harelik’s audition tape to play God and sees him making such a good impression on the talent-agency representative off-screen that he immediately gets the part…right before being shot in the chest by said talent-agency representative so that he can go straight to Heaven and do the job that he was hired for.

And of course when Jesse finally clues in and gets Cassidy to tell him where Tulip has gone to, he swoops in to rescue her from Viktor’s clutches and get her out of harm’s way (in the form of putting Viktor in a sleeper-hold and attempting to kill his ass), only to find out from Tulip that Viktor is…her husband.

Eugene spends more time with Adolf Hitler and getting to know him a little better, whole also learning that if he’s going to be spending the rest of his days in Hell, he will be watched by the people running it, and people in Hell are not expected to be sweet or kind or loyal…hence why he decides to join the other asshole inmates in curb-stomping Adolf Hitler all over his face while chanting ‘Sieg Heil.’ You’d think I take as much pleasure in seeing Hitler get his ass whooped as I do in seeing yet another racist asshole getting fired from their jobs after being found out by the Black Twitter Investigative Unit, but I actually found myself going, “Aww, poor Hitler.” Then I smacked myself in the head as if my name was Leroy Jethro Gibbs and went back to Nelson-laughing at Hitler.

And the Saint Of Killers is once again right on Jesse’s trail…mainly because Jesse has used Genesis a whole bunch of times since the season premiere and as it was already pointed out, Genesis is a homing beacon for the Saint of Killers whenever it’s used, so…yeah. But at least he’s considerate enough to walk in the pedestrian lane as he crosses the bridge on his way into town.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Seeing Ruth Negga as Tulip kick so much ass, whether it’s against one opponent or multiple opponents, never gets old. *dreamy sigh*

Seeing Jesse in a single-take fight scene (or what’s made to look like a single-take fight scene) inside of a torture chamber to the music of Billy Joel, while using knives, machetes, cattle prods, a fire hose, and part of a foosball table (because you need a moment to relax and unwind when getting medieval on someone’s ass with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch) to defend himself.

Viktor being played by character-actor extraordinaire Paul Ben-Victor, who unfortunately isn’t wearing his spiffy hat that he wore on The Wire. And if even one of you is planning on saying that Season 2 of The Wire is the worst season, please know that my response to you will always be:

your opinion is bad.jpg

Cassidy pretending to be a casting agent for HBO as he negotiates with a talent agent to have Fake God actor Mark Harelik to appear in an episode of Game Of Thrones.

Getting a little more familiar with Hell and how it works (as well as the fact that it’s underfunded and overpopulated, which makes me wonder if Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the one in charge of running shit and running shit badly as only he can), and also with Hitler and what is considered how own personal Hell that he must relive for all eternity (it involves him in Munich 1919 and having lunch with Elsa Bruckmann as she attempts to introduce him to the owner of an art gallery).

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE: That little girl having more nerve than a toothache as he spit directly in Tulip’s face while saying that she hopes her dad Viktor kill her. You don’t spit in people’s faces like that! What do you think this is, Peaches vs. New York on Flavor Of Love? She’s lucky she didn’t get her ass whooped with a Hot Wheels track.

Still not all that interested in Cassidy’s French-speaking friend, Denis. And I’m curious as to whether we’re seeing Eugene in Hell in order to prepare us for him being rescued or just to prepare us for seeing more of Hell with Eugene being our Piper Chapman for that particular part of the show?



TO SUM IT ALL UP: Another solid episode, in which we learn how far Heaven is willing to go in order to carry out its charade of God still present and not at all missing in action, as well as revealing a little more of Tulip’s past and what she’s been running away from. And judging from the preview for next week’s episode in which we learn more about Jesse and Tulip’s past, here’s hoping that the quality of everyone’s flashback wigs are absolutely nothing like the flashback wigs on…oh, let’s say…Arrow.

This episode of Preacher was brought to you by “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel.