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Political Briefing: Why is Donald Trump So Fixated On a Meaningless Misstatement?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 11, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 11, 2019 |


— Pete Buttigieg, otherwise known as Mayor Pete, is not particularly well known outside of Indiana and represents a huge long shot as a candidate for the Democratic nomination next year. However, he’s making some noise now and drawing positive attention to himself for comments like this one, made during last night’s CNN Town Hall.

He’s not likely to win the nomination, but Mr. Buttigieg may have given himself a better shot at debating Mike Pence during the VP debate next year.

— Speaking of 2020, the DNC has picked Milwaukee as the city to host the Democratic Nominating Convention, in an apparent effort to lock Wisconsin back down as a blue state.

— Meanwhile, over the weekend, Donald Trump gave a speech to RNC donors and, predictably, said a lot of insane and untrue things, though this statement, in reference to Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, raised the most eyebrows: “The Democrats hate Jewish people.”

Trump also noted that, were he to run for Prime Minister of Israel, he’d receive 98 percent of the vote. That’s not true, but he actually probably would do fairly well in Israel, where one poll suggested that Israelis overwhelmingly prefer Trump to Obama (to my recollection, Israel is one of two countries in the world that prefers Trump to Obama). Meanwhile, Trump has a 75 percent disapproval rating among American Jews , which is another reminder that Israelis and American Jews do not always share the same political beliefs. It would behoove those in both political parties not to conflate the two. An attack on Israeli policies is not an attack on Judaism; on the other hand, it’s also not OK to use Israeli policies as a cover for anti-Semitic beliefs. This has been my TED Talk.

— I wonder if it’s a big deal that the founder of Blackwater and the brother of Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince, failed to disclose to the House of Representatives that he and Don Jr. met with foreign officials at Trump Tower? Because he just admitted it, and also lied and said he had already told the House about it. That’s a perjury!

— Hey! Remember when the Miami Herald showed photos last week of Li Yang at Donald Trump’s Super Bowl viewing party? She’s the woman who founded the massage parlors where Patriots owner Bob Kraft was busted for getting a happy ending. Well, it also turns out that Li Yang runs an investment business, where she sells access to President Trump, and the website for that business shows that Yang has found some success in that regard.

— Finally, you’d think with all the controversies, corruption scandals, and indictments surrounding the Trump Administration that the President wouldn’t get fixated on something so small and insignificant. However, Trump has apparently been obsessed with reporting that accurately stated that he called Apple’s Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” I don’t know why Trump is so defensive about this misstatement (because even Tim Cook was good-natured about it), but he can’t get it out of his head. He tried to correct it in a speech over the weekend, and this morning, he took to Twitter to address it.

Dude. Literally, no one cares. No one. Unless it’s strong evidence of a “senior moment,” no one really understands why Trump is fixated on it, either.