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Why Did Sean Spicer Delete A Terrible Photo Of Trump And Replace It With A Worse One?

By Victoria McNally | Politics | February 21, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Politics | February 21, 2017 |

Earlier today, President Trump went on a field trip to explore the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture with his best black friend, Department of Housing and Urban Development head nominee Ben Carson. We know this because Press Secretary Sean Spicer was there to capture the magic of the experience, via a shitty low-lit picture on his iPhone camera.

og photo.png

The photo did not last long, though; a few hours later the tweet had been deleted and a new one took its place. Presumably this is because Spicer accidentally tagged @NMAfA, which is the National Museum of African Art, instead of the actual museum they’d been standing in, which has the Twitter handle @NMAAHC.

But then, why did Spicer also replace the original photo with another more terrible photo that was taken from farther away?

Naturally, we have a few theories:

Option A: After some thought, he decided he wanted to show off how many black people were also standing in the room with Trump and Carson, thus proving that Trump is definitely Not A Racist no matter how many time he evokes the terrible plight of “The Blacks,” thank you very much.

Option B: His original photo was too close to Trump’s terrible face and even more terrible body. Trump is obviously very self-conscious about his appearance, so he ordered Spicer to replace the image with one where he isn’t being photographed from below, because that angle tends to make one’s neck meat look all out of place.

Option C: He genuinely did not realize he was tweeting out a distinct photo because he couldn’t tell the difference, because he is probably in a constant state of heart attack-causing stress and such small details are not important when you’re trying to keep your entire nervous system working through sheer force of will. (This is probably also why he swallows so much gum; he’s trying to hold everything together in there.)

Option D: Sean Spicer loves boom mics.

Any other guesses?

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