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Morning Briefing: GOP Senators Who Claim They Didn't Hear Trump Say 'Sh*thole' Have One Hell of a Cover Story

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 16, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 16, 2018 |


Good morning! Let’s do an old-fashioned political briefing.

+ After years of seeing the insurance rates in America steadily grow, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the number of uninsured actually ticked up in 2017. There are now 3.2 million fewer people insured than in 2016. I wonder why? The biggest drops come among people earning less than $36,000 and those between the ages of 18 and 25, which is probably why you’ll see premiums increase. There are fewer young, healthy people to balance out the insurance markets.

+ The Federal Department of Education has “solved” their issues with bathroom access for transgender people. They’ve decided that it’s no longer their problem, so they won’t even hear cases on those issues anymore, kicking them back down to the local level. I’m sure transgender students in small-town America feel very protected by that decision. Assholes.

+ Steve Bannon, who suggested that Donald Trump Jr. committed treason by meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, will meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee today, and you know what? He just might have some scores to settle with Trump after Trump fired him and more or less got him ousted from Brietbart. The leaks should be fun, although not as fun as Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ first press conference since the sh*thole comments, which will take place at 3:00 today. I look forward to screaming into a void as Sanders lies and normalizes the most recent aberrant behavior of our Commander in Chief.

+ This is a heartbreaking case of a man who has lived in America for 29 years — since he was 10 years old — who was deported yesterday, forced to leave his wife and children. The man just missed the deadline to become a DREAMer because he was one year too old. If the White House doesn’t get a DACA bill passed, we’re going to be seeing a lot of these heartbreaking stories in the coming months.

+ You know how Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue denied they heard the President say “shithole” in that Oval Office meeting last week. According to the Washington Post, they told the White House they heard “shithouse” instead of “shithole,” which has allowed them to deny Trump said what he said on a technicality. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

Actually, this is not technically true. At least in the South, we used “shithouse” a lot, as in, “That guy is built like a brick shithouse,” so maybe Trump was just talking about Paul Ryan?

Also, during that same Oval Office meeting, Trump told Democrats that he didn’t give a rat’s ass about what the Congressional Black Caucus wanted out of the DACA deal. No shit.

+ Meanwhile, the deadline to fund the government still looms, with a potential shutdown coming as soon as Friday. What’s our President doing to ensure that the government doesn’t shut down?

Oh, cool. He’s watching Fox & Friends.


You know what, Shithole Donny? You knew what you were getting into when you signed up for this mess, because you fucking helped to create this environment with your birther business. What do you think the positive to negative story ratio was on Fox News for President Obama? In fact, find me one fucking positive story about Obama on Fox News. One.

Also this:

I don’t remember who, but someone on Twitter yesterday said, “What? Did Stacey Dash have a baby?”