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'We Will Adopt Your Baby' Memes Bring Levity to the End Times

By James Field | Politics | June 28, 2022 |

By James Field | Politics | June 28, 2022 |


Like most of you, what 2/3rds of the Supreme Court did in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization infuriates me. This isn’t the place for my personal story, but suffice it to say that if it weren’t for safe, legal, elective abortion, my life and the lives of people I care about would be much worse than they are now. I’m as pro-choice as anyone with a Y chromosome can be. It’s only one of several objectively bad decisions handed down by this Court, but it’s the most impactful so far. It’s led to anger, protests, and as always police violence. And so when anti-choice counter-protestors started showing up to demonstrations holding up signs to take women’s unwanted babies off their hands, we reacted appropriately.

Even if their desire and availability to become adoptive parents is genuine — a wildly optimistic assumption — there aren’t enough volunteers to deal with current foster care numbers, let alone the hundreds of thousands of babies potentially now added to the problem each year. It’s ridiculous to think America can adopt its way out of the Supreme Court hamstringing desperate women. But constant unbridled anger is terrible for your health. And if there’s one bright spark in all the gloom, it is humanity’s ability to laugh at the absurd. You can guess what happened next.

(My personal fave)

It’s all basically this.

It seems we don’t have faith in the religious community’s plans to adopt hundreds of thousands of unwanted children, based on the fact that they haven’t already. Maybe it’s our overwhelming secular desire to question and doubt everything out of stubborn pride. Maybe it’s because this weekend’s poster children for evangelical adoption can’t even adopt an unwanted American baby in the first place, but are still asking for donations.

I guess we’ll never know.

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