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We Were Wrong About Which 'Parks & Recreation' Character Trump Is

By Vivian Kane | Politics | November 14, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Politics | November 14, 2016 |

If there’s one thing we pop-culture-obsessed people like to do, it’s finding fictional parallels for real-life people and events. It’s kind of our specialty. Do you need a GIF to relate to literally any moment in your life? We’ve got you covered. Wondering what television character you most relate to? You don’t need a BuzzFeed quiz; you need us.

One of the clearest comparisons that’s come to light recently is that the last few months have been the IRL political version of Parks and Recreation. Hillary Clinton was, obviously, Leslie Knope. There’s no denying that, so don’t even try.

But what wasn’t so clear was what character Donald Trump was unknowingly reenacting. At first, he seemed like a clear-cut Jamm.

And then suddenly we all realized no! He’s a disturbingly perfect parallel to Bobby Newport.

Minus the charm and the face and the dance moves, his privileged ineptitude and perceived superiority was totally equal to Trump’s.

But now that Trump has— *gagging* please don’t make me say it— won the election, we may have to acknowledge the character we’ve overlooked. Trump is a self-proclaimed “businessman” who has gotten ahead in business by repeatedly declaring bankruptcy and ruining his business ventures. He has confidence, and convinces others that that confidence is worth trusting, but what does he really know how to do other than swindle people into believing in him and then throwing away all their money, prospects, and trust?

So which Parks & Recreation character does Trump REALLY remind us of?


Yes, Trump is our 18 70-year-old leader with exactly zero experience and great dreams of a big wall skating rink that’ll solve all our problems. I’m sure this will go great and definitely not end with anyone running anything at all into the ground in two months.