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Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats Getty.jpg

Wait, Trump's Playing 'CATS' At His Rallies?!

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | July 17, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | July 17, 2020 |

Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats Getty.jpg

Donald Trump is not a man of culture. Yes, I understand that this is nowhere near the worst thing about him — it barely makes the top 5000 issues we have with Trump — but it does feel notable that a man infamously lacking in empathy and basic human understanding has no interest in pop culture. It’s a noted contrast from Barack Obama, who loved to share the films and TV series he was watching as well as the books he reads. Remember when literacy in a world leader was a good thing?

Anyway, Trump doesn’t do culture and frankly, culture wants as little to do with the man as is humanly possible. As Kristy noted last month, a whole host of top musicians have told the Trump campaign to stop using their songs during his mega-racist virus-spreading rallies. Tom Petty, Neil Young, Elton John, Rihanna, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne… you could get one hell of a Coachella line-up with the singers and bands who have told Trump to f**k right off.

Now joining their ranks? Andrew Lloyd Webber?!

Yup, the terror of the West End, the man who brought us my favorite incel basement trash man, and that guy who really effing likes cats. Webber’s team sent a cease-and-desist letter to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign over their use of the song ‘Memory’ at political rallies. Seriously, did we all know that Team Trump was blasting songs from Cats at their goose-stepping soirees?! F**king Cats?!

According to Page Six, Team Trump has just loved making their anti-mask cult jive to Betty Buckley’s version of what is probably one of the most iconic songs in 20th-century musical theater. Not the Jennifer Hudson version from the movie, though. Perhaps they didn’t like the digital fur technology. I don’t expect Trump or his Yes Men to see the irony in using a song all about a washed-up has-been begging people like them because once upon a time they were a lot nicer. Not that Trump was ever nice. Also, after singing that song, Grizabella dies. She’s sacrificed to the feline death cult, guys. There is no escape.

One of the few major pieces of pop culture Trump has expressed enjoyment of is another Andrew Lloyd Webber show, Evita, which is a musical all about the follies of political ambition and how good PR and pure callousness can elevate the most unqualified social climbers to the upper echelons of society. Huh. Don’t cry for me, Washington D.C.

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