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Van Jones to Trump Surrogate on CNN: We Are Scared, and 'You Need to Back Off'

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 10, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 10, 2016 |

Van Jones has been speaking to a lot of the fears that a Trump presidency has stoked in this country over the last 36 hours. Soon after Trump’s win became official, Van Jones spoke emotionally about having to explain what it means to his children. Now, like so many people in this country, he’s seeking immediate reassurance from Donald Trump that he’s not going to follow through on some of the policies he’s outlined, and he’s angry enough to shut down the Trump surrogates on this CNN panel.

I think everyone wants this reassurance, because the Internet is a stupidly terrifying place right now, where many in this so-called silent majority that got Donald Trump elected continue to stoke racial and religious fears online and in real life (if you are a POC, LGBTQ or even a moderate liberal in a red state right now, I am so sorry).

I know that comfort is not in his makeup, but now that he’s won, Donald Trump seriously needs to come out and say, “No. We will not round-up Mexicans and Muslims and ship them out of this country, and no, we will not allow white supremacists to have their run of the country.” A Trump presidency does not suddenly give men the right to sexually assault women. That “law and order” bullshit best apply to white people, too. Trump needs to call off his motherfucking dogs and let them know that violence and fear will not be tolerated. You want to run this country like a business? Fine. Your employees are too fucking scared to do their work right now, so you better do something or you will inherit a country on the brink of emotional and financial bankruptcy.

This country is scared out of its fucking wits right now, and I don’t know who can provide us with comfort, but somebody best step up and do so soon, because we cannot continue to function under this level of uncertainty.