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Twitter Reacts To Boris Johnson Suspending Parliament To Force Through 'No Deal' Brexit

By Petr Knava | Politics | August 28, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Politics | August 28, 2019 |


We knew it was going to happen. Boris Johnson—shambolic racist manifestation of every single thing wrong with the British establishment—has announced that he is writing to the Queen to ask her permission to suspend Parliament in a transparent effort to help him push through the free-market bonfire that will be a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Cue the circle jerk of oligarchical posh boys who have otherwise been bleating nonstop about ‘the will of the people’ and ‘the sovereignty of Parliament’ over the past few years but who will now—in the face of what basically amounts to a posh putsch designed to force through a version of an outcome to a highly divisive topic that nobody voted for—be offering their bloviating support as they prepare to further rob the country blind to line their mates’ pockets. The media will too, no doubt, play their usual stenographer roles as always.

As rumours abound of an election being called imminently, UK Twitter reacted to the news of our very own Emperor Palpatine taking steps to launch a hard-right capitalist free for all that will hit those most already suffering from Tory austerity and that will embed further disastrous inequality for decades to come. Make no mistake: This is the logical conclusion to the years and years of neoliberal assault on working people and the idea of the state as a benevolent socialist actor. The other take of course is that this is simply a ploy to force an election that the Tories hope to win, thus granting them a get out of jail free card as well as an increased mandate for their political project. My one glimmer of hope there would be that the last time a Tory called an election with the goal of a hubristic mandate-extension, she was rewarded with an electoral drubbing like none in recent history and the country was granted the first glimpse of socialist hope in decades. Only time will tell.

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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