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Trump is a Golfer with a President Problem

By Bekka Supp | Politics | February 24, 2017 |

By Bekka Supp | Politics | February 24, 2017 |

Once upon a time, our current president* was nothing more than a bloated, bloviating, blowhard with narcissistic tendencies, no political agenda, and a golfing habit. He turned his hobby into an international enterprise. Today, Donald Trump owns 17 golf courses worldwide. Before he became our president*, Trump would regularly take to social media to trumpet how former President Obama was disgraceful in terms of how often he vacationed.

Trump even went so far as to showcase his own thoughts about how one should vacation.

Trump’s incessant shaming of how Obama golfed all the time even got meme’d:


Is the meme accurate? Mostly so, yes. It should be noted that according to a tally compiled by CBS News’s Mark Knoller, Obama played 333 rounds over his eight years, or about once every 8.8 days.

To put that into perspective, that would mean that if Trump plays golf at his Winter White House the Mar-a-Lago, it will be his third week in a row travelling to the golf club. After this weekend, that would put Trump’s rate of play to once every 7.8 days to Obama’s once every 8.8. Not great.

The best part about all of this is the sheer hypocrisy of Trump. On January 24, 2016 while Trump was on the campaign trail in Iowa, he said:

You need somebody that can wheel and deal and get things done, and we go back to a system where we don’t need the executive orders. All Obama does now is sign executive orders. ‘We want this.’ He can’t get it — boom, executive order. And he’ll be out on a golf course in two, three, four, five years, and the courts will start getting these executive orders… . What he’s saying is: ‘Look, I don’t know if it works or not. Here’s an executive order. In five years, don’t worry — I’ll be playing golf. What the hell difference does it make?

This has all been a long winded way to prove a point. President* Trump met with manufacturing CEOs to discuss bringing back all the jobs that have disappeared due to globalization and the march of time. So it makes sense that Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, would be a key part in these discussions. However, not being a stranger to hypocrisy, bragging, ADD, and self-aggrandizing, Trump turned the focus to golf. Namely, a hole-in-one.

Trump made Immelt describe his hole-in-one. To clarify, not Immelt’s. His own. Trump’s hole-in-one. Which, fine, it’s an anecdote or whatever. But the interaction reveals Trump’s desperate desire to talk about himself, and correct others when he thinks they’re not being congratulatory enough. Here’s a transcript of the aforementioned exchange:

Immelt: Great to be here, looking forward to really working with you on creating more…

Trump interrupts: Jeff actually watched me make a hole-in-one, can you believe it? Should you tell that story?

Immelt: “We were trying to talk President Trump into doing The Apprentice; that was my assignment when we owned NBC. President Trump goes up to a par 3 on his course. He looks to the three of us and says, you realise of course that I’m the richest golfer in the world? That’s a comment. Then gets a hole-in-one. I have to say, I’ve seen the magic before.

Trump: It’s a crazy. It’s a crazy. No I actually said I was the best golfer of all the rich people, to be exact. And then I got a hole-in-one. So it was sorta cool.

I know that to this audience, I don’t have to prove the duplicitous nature of Trump because it has been well documented. From his “holier than thou” not going to golf stance to his lavish getaways to Mar-a-lago that have already cost millions of dollars compared to Obama’s $12 million/year vacations, it’s easy to call Trump out. And sometimes, stories like these gain momentum to draw attention away from the real stories that Dustin has been covering exhaustively about how his administration is 100% pulling the wool over our collective eyes. I think the purpose of why we write articles like this is to convince ourselves that this isn’t something we think we’re making up; to have evidence that we are, in fact, being gaslighted by this administration. The receipts are all there, and at times it feels overwhelming based on the sheer volume, but for me, putting together a yarn wall has been cathartic. The recklessness of this president has started, and for a lot of us, it’s personal. But for now, it’s entertaining to bask in this a*hole-in-one.

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