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Trump Reportedly Plans to Fire Sean Spicer for His Sh*tty Fashion Sense

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | January 27, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | January 27, 2017 |

President Trump is a small, petty man, but what’s more, he’s also a man with a pathological obsession with appearance, which is unsurprising when one considers his years of involvement with beauty pageants and all of his interviews in which he assigns the value of women to their looks. However, as it turns out, one new report from this week suggests he’s pretty equal-opportunity when it comes to this sort of thing: Trump is reportedly considering firing press secretary Sean Spicer because of how Spicer dresses, which reflects allegations made by aides that Trump was determining his cabinet appointments on the basis of looks.

Honestly, given the scrappy bunch he wound up choosing, this comes as a surprise, but one pretty much in line with Trump’s propensity for shallowness. According to the report, Trump was upset that Spicer opted for such a pale gray suit at a Saturday press conference, which could speak to why, on Monday, Spicer appeared at a press conference in a notably darker suit.

Unfortunately, it could be his efforts are coming too late since aides have already reportedly suggested that a search is on to replace Spicer. One senior aide to Trump reportedly claimed that Trump is “obsessed with the performance art of his press secretary,” which means his words and the (shitty) content of his responses mean pretty much nothing to Trump if he doesn’t have the right look or mannerisms.

Alas, Spicer should just accept this as a blessing in disguise considering the Trump administration’s relationship with journalists after months of Trump’s bullying and maligning of the press.

Sean Spicer — you and your awful sense of fashion may really dodge a bullet here.

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