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Trump Isn't Just Terrible When He's Bad, He's Terrible When He's Good Too

By Emily Cutler | Politics | August 10, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Politics | August 10, 2016 |

I hate covering Trump. I no longer get any sort of satisfaction from mocking him or pointing out just how very terrible he is. Because as he’s proven over and over and over again, this shit isn’t funny anymore. But I somehow feel compelled to point out one surprisingly terrible quality Trump possesses even by Trump standards.

Two days ago, before Trump openly called for his supporters to kill his political rival, he gave a speech outlining his economic plan. Let’s see how that went.

I think it’s fair to say that this was Trump being his most presidential. And his most presidential is accidentally saying the word “titties.” You could argue that that was a slip of the tongue (and having to write the words “Trump,” “titties” and “tongue” in the same sentence makes me feel ill), but the rest of the speech wasn’t better. He either flat-out lied or bent the truth so far that it might as well have been a lie. Given a fully prepared speech delivered to him on a teleprompter, Trump still had to be dishonest. Meaning that speech is what he looks like when he’s doing his best. He doesn’t sometimes say mostly stupid or homicidal things, but otherwise is completely qualified for the job. He’s wildly incompetent even when he’s not trying to murder people.

On the bright side, the polls look horrible for him. So hopefully this sentiment isn’t only wishful thinking.


Emily Chambers is following her boss’ lead, and refusing to use pictures of Trump’s radioactive scrotum face. But she’s using male eye candy because of misandry. She might also start posting about Trump more often.

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