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Trump and His Henchman Are Going Full Court Crazy on Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | April 12, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | April 12, 2018 |


God, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s double back on Michael Cohen and the latest revelations following the raid:

— In addition to documents on the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal payoffs, the FBI was also searching for any information related to any other potential payoffs; information related to the Access Hollywood tape, and information on Cohen’s taxi medallion gig (he also apparently owes more than $50,000 in back taxes re: those taxi medallions). They definitely have something criminal on the guy related to bank fraud, wire fraud, and/or campaign finance violations. I guess the outstanding question is if they can use it as leverage to flip Cohen on Trump and/or whether they can find more information related to Trump’s financial dealings here and overseas within those documents.

— There’s also news of another payoff. A doorman in Trump’s building was apparently paid $30,000 by the National Enquirer to keep quiet about an illegitimate child Trump allegedly fathered with an employee at Trump World Tower. The Associated Press, however, could not confirm that rumor, and the doorman was also eventually released from his contract after a sister tabloid of the Enquirer ran the story. It is worth noting, however, that both McDougal and Daniels said that Trump did not use a condom. In either respect, there’s no doubt that Michael Cohen was somehow involved in that, too — and who knows if he used campaign money to make the payment.

— Recall, too, that there have been reports that Trump was going to fire Mueller last December after news reports surfaced that Mueller was looking into Trump’s finances, thereby crossing Trump’s “red line.” Mueller’s team apparently had to refute those reports to calm the President, who is now denying on Twitter this morning that he had any intention of firing Mueller.

Speaking of which, I don’t think McConnell is going to put it up for a vote, but there is still a bi-partisan effort to protect Mueller. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has agreed to hold a vote in committee as soon as today, although it may be delayed.

There’s also this, for what it is worth:

— Speaking of the FBI, Comey begins his press tour on Sunday and according to someone who witnessed the interview Comey gave to ABC, what Comey says is “going to shock the president and his team.” We do know that Comey, in that interview, will refer to Trump as a “mob boss.” Meanwhile, the White House — in tandem with the National Republican Committee — has signed off on a plan to smear Comey by referring to him as “Lyin’ Comey.” That’s some plan there, Trump. Just call him names! Genius! They have a real brain trust there.

Hannity also weighed in last night on an episode of his program that Trump promoted on Twitter. I think the header image above says all you need to know about that.

Gingrich is also putting in his two cents, comparing Rosenstein and Mueller to the Gestapo and Stalin (no, Gingrich. That’s ICE).

The guy that Trump almost hired as his lawyer is in on it, too.

Basically, Trump and his henchman are using Fox News as a state-operated propaganda machine to discredit … the state.

Someone needs to step in here and fucking fire Sean Hannity.

— Steve Bannon is trying to get in on this, too. He’s apparently advising people in the White House (though not talking to Trump personally) to fire Rod Rosenstein and then claim executive privilege both presently and retroactively, and refuse to speak with Mueller or cooperate in any way.

Good plan, Steve. Hey! Is there such a thing as “conspiracy to obstruct justice”? Oh, look. There is!

Go home, Steve. You’re drunk.