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Trevor Noah Politely Dismantles Unctuous White Rage Machine, Tomi Lahren, in a Face-to-Face Argument

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | December 1, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | December 1, 2016 |

Trevor Noah has been making the press rounds over the last few weeks, plugging his book, Born a Crime: Stories of a South African Childhood. He was on Terry Gross the other day, and reminded us just how good he is in an interview situation: He’s quick on his feet, witty, brilliant, and thoughtful as hell. He’s not as good as Jon Stewart was at the daily rundown, and he may never be, but he’s a better interviewer (Jon Stewart, God bless, pulled punches, and even when he was going after someone, often turned it into a joke. He was rarely very hard on an interviewee).

Last night, Trevor Noah faced off against Tomi Lahren, that unctuous, hateful white woman from The Blaze who shows up on your Facebook feed occasionally and explodes into white rage about Obama, Jesse Williams, or Colin Kaepernick, and seems to end every sentence about a black person with an implied, boy.

She sat down for a lengthy interview with Trevor Noah last night to talk about Black Lives Matter, the KKK, and Colin Kaepernick, and Trevor Noah politely, thoughtfully, and brilliantly dismantled her. He didn’t deflect with jokes, like Stewart often did (except when Lahren dumbly said, “I don’t see color.”) He confronted her and repeatedly pressed her to explain how a black person should protest in this country, if he or she can’t join Black Lives Matter without being labeled the Black KKK, protest on the street without being labeled a thug, or quietly kneel during the National Anthem. What else is left?

Lahren had no answer.

It’s a great interview, and one of those moments where Trevor Noah earns a new stripe.

(Embeds via Uproxx)