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This Texas County Commissioner Has Made the Perfect Political Ad

By Vivian Kane | Politics | October 25, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Politics | October 25, 2016 |

There have been some pretty spectacular political ads to come out of this year’s presidential race. (Or from one side of the race, that is.) I don’t watch television on a television, so the only ads I see are on the internet, and that means I only see Clinton’s ads, or others that go viral or are designed for Twitter. This year, I haven’t seen a single local or state election campaign ad.

And then this ad from Gerald Daugherty, a Texas County Commissioner, popped up and it’s everything we need right now.

Now, a cursory Google search tells me that Daugherty’s politics and mine do not align in the slightest. But this ad is still perfection. It’s beautifully self-deprecating; Daugherty’s wife gives FANTASTIC eye rolls; and it’s a great middle finger to the kind of people who criticize Hillary Clinton for being over-prepared or trying too hard.

Because people like Clinton and Daughtery? They’re real-life Leslie Knopes. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to be annoying or ambitious or big ol’ geeks.


Yes, they care too much. It’s irritating. And they don’t care. They just want to work for their country and their communities.


Sure, selfishly, I wish everyone who was that dedicated were on my own personal side of every issue. But it just makes me happy that there are people who care.