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The Time Three Black Women Attempted to Protect the President After He Allegedly Used the N-Word

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 14, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 14, 2018 |


OK, this is interesting, but maybe not for the reasons that one might have originally thought, because the fact that the President used the N-word on The Apprentice is neither surprising nor particularly damaging for a President who is all but proudly racist. What is surprising to me about it — and maybe it shouldn’t be — is that 1) there were three black women working on the Trump campaign, and 2) there were three black women working on the Trump campaign trying to get out ahead of a potential nightmare for campaign Trump ahead of the possible release of that The Apprentice tape in which Trump used the N-word.

Let me back up just a minute: In Omarosa’s book, she claims that she spoke to Lynn Patton (assistant to Eric Trump) and Katrina Pierson, a campaign spokesperson, about how to handle the existence of the tape. And their response was not, “He used the N-word? Fuck that guy. I’m out of here, because there is no context in which it is OK for any white dude — let alone a guy running for the Presidency — to use that word.”

Their response was, “What was the context in which it was used so we can figure out how to spin it.”

This is how soulless and nakedly ambitious the people with whom Trump surrounds himself are. They will go to any length to protect Trump, no matter how awful the transgression. I mean, obviously it shouldn’t surprise anyone given the number of women who have protected Trump knowing full damn well that he sexually harassed or assaulted multiple women.

To be fair, there are also a lot of contradictions about when Omarosa heard the tape, or if she ever heard the tape at all. But it is clear — despite denials from both Katrina Pierson and Lynn Patton before Omarosa’s phone call recording was released — that campaign staffers were preparing not the resignations, but their defense of Trump had it been released.

Of course, Trump declined to weigh in on the existence of said tape until Trump was reassured that the tape would not get out.

Honestly, I just want the tape to come out. Not because it will damage Trump in any way — it probably won’t — but just so everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Note, too, that Trump is in the midst of another Twitter meltdown this morning, tweeting 9 times in the last two hours, including this one:

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