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The Invasion Will Not Be Televised: Social Media Covers Russia's War

By Jen Maravegias | Politics | February 28, 2022 |

By Jen Maravegias | Politics | February 28, 2022 |


I spent a few years of my time in Chicago living in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood on the near west side. In no way does that make me an expert on the people or culture of Ukraine. But I will say that, in my experience, they understand the importance of community. I saw how they would come together to support their neighbors, their shop owners, help each other in times of crisis, and support local politicians at election time. There was also a very strong sense of identity completely independent of Russia. While I don’t think anyone is surprised by Vladimir Putin’s megalomania, the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people has surprised some. I don’t think anyone, least of all Putin, expected to meet such resistance in the face of Mighty Mother Russia. (The sarcasm there is implied. You guys get that, right?)

Like all of you, I spent the weekend scrolling Twitter trying to sort valid sources from misinformation campaigns. While we’ve all seen the already infamous video of that badass Babusya and her sunflower seeds here are some other interesting things social media has been serving up about the conflict in Ukraine.

President Zelensky, I hope some of the other world leaders are taking notes:

The Ukrainian People: Zero Fs to give, excellent sense of humor.

Everyone doing their part:

There are definitely ways to talk about the invasion of Ukraine without being racist. Someone should tell these reporters:

You love to see it. (Olexander Scherba is the previous Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria):

How the GOP playbook turned on a dime from going after trans rights to being pro-Putin. And if you’re wondering about Jackie Singh, here’s her bio:

Of course, there are cats:

And dogs!

But also, more racism. Why is there always MORE racism? Please check out #AfricansinUkraine for more coverage and information on how to help:

Protests for peace across Europe. There were also a number of U.S. cities that turned their skyline lights blue and yellow in support of Ukraine.

ICYMI: SNL opened the show with “Prayer for Ukraine” performed by Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York.

Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen Team is on the ground at the Ukraine/Poland border supporting chefs and feeding people:

Far be it from me to question someone with the stones to pick up a LANDMINE. Don’t try this at home. Or maybe do, if the need arises?

Everyone’s favorite Russian Asset couldn’t keep her mouth shut and was rightfully dragged for it:

In a separate Tweet @AOC confirmed that Clay Higgins is a bozo 24/7

And finally a reminder: You might be born into a normal family and have a normal life — maybe as a doctor, or a journalist, or as an actor. You might not be born brave, or walk through your life feeling especially courageous. But as long as you can screw your courage to the sticking place when the time comes, you can be the hero your people need.

Header Image Source: Getty Images