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The Government Can't Make Up Its Mind About UFOs

By Jen Maravegias | Politics | July 28, 2023 |

By Jen Maravegias | Politics | July 28, 2023 |

Steven Greer ufologist.jpg

The United States Government acknowledges your choice in conspiracy theories. It appreciates your allowing it to divert your attention from the gradual destruction of society and the planet. This is achieved by calling a whistleblower to testify at a House Oversight subcommittee hearing about the government’s secret program to hide the existence and technology retrieved from crashed spacecraft.

That’s right, UFOs are back in the game, folks. Only now we’re referring to them as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), because apparently “UFOs” didn’t sound dorky enough. Not only are they back, but they also never really left the stage. The whistleblower, Retired Major David Grusch, testified:

“I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access,”
What that reveals is that Men In Black might not be pure fiction after all. Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence official, claims to have led the Defense Department’s efforts to analyze reports of UAPs. So, if anyone’s going to have the insider info, it’s likely him. However, the Major’s intense demeanor during this hearing makes one wonder if an alien is puppeteering his body like a “David Suit.”

UAP sightings are a bipartisan concern because it’s easier to agree on the possible existence of aliens than it is to agree on abortion rights, civil rights, transgender rights, or climate change. It’s less challenging to have meetings about UAPs than it is to “ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the federal government and all its agencies,” which is literally the House Committee on Oversight’s mission statement.

According to NBC News, the committee members were “baffled” by some of the testimonies they heard this week in regards to the volume of reported UAP sightings. However, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking; many members of the House are regularly baffled by things like the internet’s functioning.

The committee believes the number of UAP sightings warrants investigation and that UAPs should be classified as a national security threat. Notably, it’s not just random people filing these reports - numerous civilian and military pilots have come forward with claims about UAPs in recent years. Despite Chairman Glenn Grothman’s opening statements at this week’s hearing, President Ford (probably) wasn’t one of them. Although he did release a press statement about a group sighting in Michigan in 1966 when he was the House Minority Leader.

President Jimmy Carter did report a sighting in 1969, prior to his presidency. He even openly discussed it during his presidential campaign. Okay, to be fair, Jimmy Carter might be a bit eccentric. But he’s an endearing and earnest eccentric.

The long-standing program that Grusch blew the whistle on, according to his claims, is funded by a “misappropriation of funds” at the highest levels of government. During the hearing, he also asserted that some of his colleagues have been injured by UAPs and have recovered “nonhuman biologics” from crash sites. Of course, these could mean various things. It almost makes him sound like Randy Quaid’s character from Independence Day pre-sobriety. Much of this scenario also echoes plot points from Independence Day. Perhaps Roland Emmerich was onto something.

Naturally, the Pentagon denies all of Grusch’s allegations. That’s exactly what you’d expect. But, if all of his allegations are fabrications, why would the House bother with a Committee hearing? Could it be that Congress doesn’t have better things to do than listen to people lie about space aliens? Or perhaps they’re creating a smoke screen and aliens really do exist. What if those aliens are already in Congress? Honestly, that would explain a lot.

The header picture for this article features Steven Greer, ufologist and founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project. He is delivering remarks on his UFO and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) research under an artist’s rendering of an incident, during a press conference on June 12, 2023, in Washington, DC.