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The Gift that Robert Mueller Has Given the 2020 Democratic Candidates

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 25, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 25, 2019 |


You’re probably not going to want to hear this yet — because many of you are still in the “The Special Counsel’s report didn’t exonerate Trump, and of course, Bill Barr sided with Trump on the obstruction charge because that’s what Trump hired him to do” phase — but this is not necessarily a bad thing for the 2020 race, regardless of what this putz might want you to think.

Yes, there will be a few days or even weeks of handwringing. The Democrats will demand full transparency. Trump will wrongly declare victory. The report will leak one drip at a time and every new revelation will set off another half day of news. The SDNY will pursue more investigations. More indictments may come. Trump will bleat about his “victory.” But I’ll tell you this much: In a month, no one will be talking about the “collusion” question anymore. Nobody but Trump has been talking about the “collusion” question all that much of late, anyway. We know what happened. The Russian disinformation campaign probably tilted the campaign. The Russians tried to work with the Trump campaign, and the Trump campaign tried to work with the Russians, but the question of “collusion” didn’t necessarily rise to the level of Trump. The Russians f*cked with our election, and — even if it wasn’t “collusion,” per se — Trump welcomed and encouraged it.

However, now that the “principal findings” are out, we can begin to move on from the “collusion” question and start paying attention to the other more pressing questions, like emoluments, corruption, Trump’s taxes, the campaign finance violations.

More importantly, we can put the collusion question behind us and the 2020 Democratic candidates can start to look at this race as a contrast between candidates. Instead of focusing on the impeachment question — that ain’t happening, folks, not with this Senate — we can focus on what Trump has done for this country, and what a Democratic candidate can do. Democrats can do what they did best in 2018: Make it about the issues. About the haves vs. have nots. About health insurance, college tuition, about the unequal distribution of wealth.

Instead of defending himself against this “witch hunt,” Trump just might have to … debate the issues. And whether it’s Biden, Bernie, Kamala, Beto, Mayor Pete, or Elizabeth Warren, etc., that’s a debate the Democrats are happy to have. We can talk about which candidate is a better representative for our country. Who can have a better relationship with our allies? We can talk about trade, where Trump is getting his ass kicked. We can talk about climate change, which Trump continues to deny even as the evidence all around us proves otherwise. We can talk about all those things we should’ve been talking about in 2016 instead of “her emails.”

Mueller is not going to save America from Trump. Hell, even James Comey said that he shouldn’t, that the American people should ultimately decide. The Democrats have roughly 19 months to make their case, and we at least have control of the House to stop Trump from passing any more sh*tty legislation in the meantime. I’d still love to see Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Kushner get taken away in handcuffs — and that might just happen! — and I’d love to see a number of indictments befall Trump once he’s out of office (and that might happen, too!), but right now, we have to focus on getting him out of office. The best and easiest way to do that is to prove that Democrats are a better alternative, while we continue to watch the rest of the Republican party stand behind an immoral, corrupt, racist, sexist, feeble-minded dotard.

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