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Ted Cruz Should Not Have Gone After Seth Rogen

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 21, 2021 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 21, 2021 |


You could tell it was going to be a weird Ted Cruz day when he started it by attending the Inauguration where Biden was preaching unity with a mask that read, “Come and take it.”

I don’t know who remembers this, but even before he ran for President in 2016, he was widely regarded — by Democrats, Republicans and his college roommate alike — as the least-liked person in the Senate. He is loathed, and it feels like he’s trying to turn that into a brand.

Since getting whipped by Trump in 2016, Cruz has made a strange political miscalculation under the weird belief that if people like Biff Tannen, they will also like Biff Tannen’s friends Match, Skinhead, and 3D (Cruz is Match, Hawley is Skinhead, and Gaetz is 3D).


But nobody likes Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has absolutely no hope of winning a national election. Zero. He’s like the shitty Lost clone of Trump. He’s Flash Forward, and yet, he refuses to define himself on his own terms. Instead, he persists in trying to emulate a man who left office with the lowest approval rating in the history of departing Presidents.

The thing about Cruz, also, is that he is well educated, and when you’re trying to emulate Trump, it basically manifests itself in pedantry, but not just any pedantry. It’s bad-faith pedantry because Cruz is smart enough to know better, but he believes this is how to relate to Trump’s base. To wit:

Cruz knows better, and there’s nothing worse than bad-faith pandering. At least Tr*** was dumb enough to think it actually was about France.

The other irony is that Pittsburgh specifically decided to remain in the Paris accords, even when Trump pulled the nation out.

The bad-faith tweet did, however, have one benefit. It invited a profane response from Seth Rogen.

That response invited one from Ted Cruz, who endeavored to pander to Trump’s base by going after Seth Rogen for his connections to the film industry. Rogen shot back with more of the same.

However, after thinking about it for two minutes, Rogen came back with a much better response, and this one will shoot to the top of Ted Cruz Google searches, where it will likely remain for a very long time.

And then the kicker:

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