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Something New and Incredibly Damning Is Breaking Every Hour About the Don Jr. Meeting

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | July 14, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | July 14, 2017 |

This morning, we learned that Donald Trump Jr. neglected to mention that the meeting he had with a Kremlin-backed Russian attorney was also attended by a former Russian spy. Seems like a big deal, especially after Trump Jr. and his Dad bragged about how “open and transparent” they have been, except for all the undisclosed details.

In the next hour, we learned that there was a SIXTH person. This person was a Russian translator, and what you should be asking yourself right now is, “How did Jared Kushner just completely forget he attended a meeting with a Russian lawyer and a Russian spy that was conducted in Russian?”


In the next hour, we learned who that former Soviet counterintelligence/Russian spy officer is. His name is Rinat Akhmetshin, and you might not be surprised to learn that Akhmetshin has been involved in hacking scandals in the past, like that time he was accused of “hacking into two computer systems and stealing sensitive and confidential materials as part of an alleged black-ops smear campaign against” a Russian mining company.

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No big deal. Just a Russian spy with a history of hacking accusations!

What have we learned this hour? Just that Russian adoptions weren’t actually discussed; in fact, according to the Russian spy, Akhmetshin, the Kremlin-backed lawyer actually did offer dirt on Hillary Clinton.

During the meeting, Akhmetshin said Veselnitskaya brought with her a plastic folder with printed-out documents that detailed what she believed was the flow of illicit funds to the Democratic National Committee. Veselnitskaya presented the contents of the documents to the Trump associates and suggested that making the information public could help the Trump campaign, he said.

“This could be a good issue to expose how the DNC is accepting bad money,” Akhmetshin recalled her saying.

Seems like collusion, doesn’t it? But I suspect the Trump campaign will just continue to move the goal post, from “It wasn’t collusion because she didn’t actually have any dirt” to “it wasn’t collusion because we didn’t actually use the dirt,” unless we find out in the next hour that the Trump campaign actually did use this intelligence, in which case the Trump campaign will have to think up a new defense the Republican base will have no problem buying .

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I wonder if that “plastic folder” mentioned 33,000 deleted emails?

Source: AP