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Some Old Trump Tweets About Taxes That Look Mighty Different Now That We Know He Doesn't Pay His

By Vivian Kane | Politics | October 4, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Politics | October 4, 2016 |

Donald Trump is no stranger to questionable tweets, as anyone who followed his oddly strong opinions on the KStew/Robert Pattinson relationship drama of 2012 (and, sure, pretty much everything he’s ever tweeted before or since) knows.

But now that the NY Times has leaked an old tax document indicating that he probably spent the last few decades tax-free after running some of his enterprises into the ground. This revelation shines a new, ultra-harsh light on some of those old opinions, all of which are still available to us because, you know, the internet.

Some of Trump’s statements about taxes had already become pretty awkward, even before the leak. Like when he preemptively called Mitt Romney’s kettle super black.

Or his criticism of Amazon’s tax practices.

I’m confused. If they found a way to avoid paying taxes to keep their business profitable, doesn’t that make them “smart”?

But then after we found out Trump probably didn’t pay taxes for about two decades, things got a lot more uncomfortable. (“Uncomfortable” if you’re maybe a nicer person than I am. I’m more in the “point and laugh” camp.)

Like that time he retweeted someone yelling at a Joni Mitchell fan account (okay), saying Trump pays the most taxes, such money, you wouldn’t believe.

Apparently he does have a cap on how much money is enough money (for other people), and feels fine judging (other) people for avoiding paying taxes.

Oh, look who momentarily cared.

Yup, it takes a lot of paper to find all those loopholes.

So, if he doesn’t pay taxes, which side does this put him on?

This one is awful not only for its poor grammar (it’s “fewer” people, Trump. You’re trying to be president, for godssakes), but because shouldn’t, by this logic, Trump be hiring pretty much all humans alive at this point?

This one actually makes perfect sense now that we know the context. Trump, an American, thinks this country isn’t “great” anymore, and he makes fun of Obama constantly. That’s why he doesn’t want to give his beautiful dollars to the country that houses him.

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