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Of Course, Sinclair is Defending Tear-Gassing Children, Of Course

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 27, 2018 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 27, 2018 |


When Donald Trump publicly referred to Neo-Nazis who had just killed a woman in Charlottesville as “fine people,” Boris Epshteyn was there to defend the president in a must-run segment that forcibly aired on Sinclair stations across the country. When infants started getting ripped out of their mothers’ arms at the border, Epshteyn backed the president again in another must-run segment that was jammed into living rooms across the country. So you’ll never guess who showed up again to cradle the presidential dried apricots after the U.S. border patrol fired tear gas at women and children requesting asylum.

Media Matters reports:

On November 26, Sinclair chief political analyst and former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn released a new “must-run” segment for the company that defended the use of tear gas on these families and attempted to stoke fear, saying the group of migrants is “attempting to storm” the border in an “attempted invasion of our country.”

This segment will now be forcibly aired, often spliced into local news coverage, on an estimated 100 Sinclair-owned or -operated news stations throughout the country as part of the media giant’s infamous “must-run” lineup. According to the iQ media database, the segment has already aired on stations in at least 24 states.

Here’s the full segment if you’re looking for new and creative ways to actively destroy brain cells:

What I want to focus on is a term that should be causing your ears to perk up: “Invasion.” Because exactly one million things happen every second of every day in this shit show of a timeline, it’s easy to forget that a fear of said “invasion” is what prompted Robert Bowers to open fire on a Pittsburgh synagogue in a hate crime that managed to be both racist and anti-Semitic with an American gun problem-cherry on top. This confluence of events would give a rational person pause about repeating a talking point that has already dropped bodies, but that would require Boris Epshteyn to stop relishing his role as a boot-licking propagandist for our Orange Emperor.

Then again, experience in state-run media seems to be a promising career:

What I don’t understand is why the hell Sinclair and Epshteyn even bothered. For a media company, they have the savvy of a wet ham sandwich. For starters, we’re already two days out from innocent women and children being tear-gassed, so it might as well have happened 45 years ago. Second, who are they even convincing with this shit? The moment it happened, the right fired off racist memes that f**king delighted in the images of diaper-clad children surrounded by smoke while the left went, “What in the goddamn hell?” Is there actual research that shows forcibly cramming Boris Epshteyn into the middle of the local news actually sways opinions? Because if there is, never once tell me about it. I know too much as it is. It hurts to close my eyes.

Anyway, here’s John Oliver if you want a way smarter and wittier look at the bullshit that Sinclair gets away with.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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