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Shut Up, Bill Maher, Elizabeth Warren Is Right About Fox News

By Mike Redmond | Politics | June 3, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | June 3, 2019 |


Last week, Elizabeth Warren explained to a squawking barrel of nepotism and hypocrisy — Who I’m told is somehow related to John McCain? — why she would continue to reject offers to appear on Fox News despite her Democratic competitors caving all around her with the notable exception of Kamala Harris.


“I’m just not gonna give them a full hour to help raise money and help get credibility because they were willing to talk to me for an hour,” she said to cheers from the audience.

McCain remained unpersuaded.

“I was really proud to work at Fox News,” McCain said. “I don’t consider them a racist organization. I will say that there are so many people that watch that are really good people [to which Warren nodded yes in agreement]. And I just think you’re alienating an audience, and, for me, it just sounds like you don’t care about the people who watch Fox News.”

“I care, and I’m going to find a thousand ways to reach out,” Warren said, adding that she has already done 88 town halls and taken 1,100 questions.

“I’ll go all around the country,” she said. “I want to talk to people and find as many ways to reach out as I can. I am just not going to help the Fox News executives raise money off my name.”

While Warren’s reasoning makes all kinds of sense — and is ultimately correct — she’s not only facing criticism from the right for calling out Fox News on its bullshit, but she’s also being flanked by the Extremely Online Left thanks to Bernie Sanders appearing on Fox, so now that decision is basically gospel, according to his zealots. (Back me up, Tiger Beat for Berners.) So like everything in this goddamn primary, the situation is yet another breeding ground for smug white guys to lecture the “Dems in disarray” on how to stop looking out for women and minorities, and instead, reach out to the globule racists who tune into Fox News everyday to receive explicit instructions on how liberal Democrats clearly work for Satan. That’s a crowd just waiting to be swayed alright. Smart thinking, Bill Maher.

Via Rolling Stone (emphasis mine):

Maher thinks Democrats should go on Fox News whenever they get the opportunity. “You’ve already got NPR. Go on Fox,” the comedian scolded the party’s presidential candidates, referring to Elizabeth Warren’s decision not to do a Fox News town hall. Maher told them to, “Go where the votes are.” And to, “Get out of Woke-ville, for a day. See what’s going on in Mullet Town.”

Maher also talked about the field being way too large, stating emphatically, “No more candidates! We’re full!” Then he told them to handle Twitter better and to toughen up: “Stop apologizing for everything,” he said, adding, “I know more about what Democratic candidates have apologized for than I know their stance on the issues.”

Jesus Christ. Setting aside the fact that Elizabeth Warren literally is doing everything Maher said, you really gotta love white dudes continuing to beat the “forget about identity politics” drum. So here’s a simple rule of thumb: Is someone trying to jail you for who you love, how you pee, what color your skin is, or whether or not a baby pops out of your vagina? Then shut the whole f*ck up. You want to reach out to marginalized groups? Let me tell you where you won’t find them: Goddamn Fox News. The real marginalized groups are the minorities who had their necks stepped on the second Trump took office. I’m talking African-Americans who watched the DOJ immediately put a stop to police reform, the refugees we’re caging at the border where their kids are dying, the transgender soldiers who just had the country they proudly served stab them in the back, and women who thought maybe, just maybe the government wouldn’t force them to be walking baby factories. And I’m sure I’m leaving out other groups, but my point is that letting those people get trampled to death because it might “spark the revolution” that will swing America straight into the arms of socialism (Read: Bernie) after four years of Trump was a shitty idea. Not to mention it’s falling apart right out of the gate because guess who’s leading the Democratic primary right now? Joe f*cking Biden. Flawless plan, folks. Hope the baby jails were worth it.

Anyway, back to Warren. Turns out, she was absolutely right about Fox News because the network is banking hard on getting Democrats to fall for the lure of its stupidly large audience so it can keep advertisers happy. And it’s working.

Wow, it’s almost like Elizabeth Warren knew exactly what she was talking about when she called Fox News a “hate-for-profit scam.” But that doesn’t mythicize white working class voters, or how cool it is that swinging dicks like Bill Maher can relate to the Average Joe by cracking “tranny” jokes. “Whoops, guess I’m not invited to Caitlyn Jenner’s Christmas party — again. Kanye shrug.”

That said, at least Maher didn’t have the worst Warren take this weekend because it’s almost impossible to top the batshit alternate reality of social media:

Were you feeling a tiny bit of hope about this election? You shouldn’t. We’re all going to die.

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