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Shut the F*ck Up, Mr. President

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 6, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 6, 2018 |


One of the narratives in the political news world this morning is that the media — CNN, MSNBC, NY1, and even Drudge, etc — took advantage of an obviously out-of-his mind Sam Nunberg yesterday. Nunberg was all over the place, insinuating that the Trump campaign had done something wrong (without identifying what) and generally just spouting insanity, much of which he had retracted by the end of the day (he had decided he would, in fact, comply with the Mueller subpoena because he’s not that insane).

Nunberg clearly made himself available to several media outlets, and those media outlets were obviously interested in what he had to say: He was an early Trump flunky; he’s Roger Stone’s mentee, and he had a lot of email and text conversations with Stone and Steve Bannon during a crucial time in the campaign and the Trump presidency. There are legitimate things that he might know, and he also happened to make very good TV.

And you know what? If he was drunk, off his meds, or on too many meds, or if he was just suffering from the pressure and melting down, I don’t care.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? … Shame on you. This isn’t news,” a friend of Sam Nunberg interjected to a journalist.

Uh, I feel no sadness for Sam Nunberg. The man is a virulent racist. He was kicked off the Trump campaign for making racist statements about Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton, whose daughter he called the N-word. In print. How bad of a human being do you have to be to be kicked off the Trump campaign for being racist?

Fuck him, but also, if you start drawing the line at crazy with Trump and his people? Uh … does that mean the media has to stop talking to the President?

The leader of the fucking country is not right in the head. If the media decided to stop interviewing people because they were having a bad day, half the goddamn Trump administration would be off limits. Need I remind you that a fucking Congressional candidate punched a journalist the night before an election and won. Remember the Bowling Green Massacre, Kellyanne? Remember when she was going through her alt-facts phase before alt-facts became the fictional reality for an entire Presidency?

These are the people that Trump hires. Abusers. Racists. Liars. They’re all a little fucked in the head, and you have to be to work for Donald Trump, so excuse the hell out of the media for trying to gain some insight from a man who — drunk, under pressure, or not right in the head — might just be telling the fucking truth for once. Now quick, someone take Sarah Sanders out for margaritas until she’s drunk enough to accidentally spend five minutes being honest with the goddamn American people.

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