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Our Dumbass President Just Gave Tons of Free Exposure to an Impeachment Campaign Against Him

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 27, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 27, 2017 |

Hey! Do you guys know who Tom Steyer is? Up until about an hour ago, I honestly had NO idea who he was. Then Donald Trump tweeted this:

I mean, I’m sure Tom Steyer is well known in some California circles, but to the large majority of Donald Trump’s social media following, he’s an obscure figure. So, why is Trump calling out this guy?

… does quick bit of research ….


That’s a pretty good ad. Steyer doesn’t look wacky or unhinged to me. Seems pretty thoughtful and sober in that ad. He’s probably some crazy dude, though, right?

… does quick bit of research …

So, he’s a billionaire financial guy. He went to Stanford and Yale. He donates a lot of money to immigration legal centers. He’s committed to giving at least half of his wealth away to charitable organizations. He’s into the environment and sustainable agriculture, and he raised a lot of money for President Obama. He favors raising taxes on the rich.

He’s also been married to the same woman since 1986; he’s got four kids; he’s heavily involved with the Episcopal church, eschews the trappings and luxuries of wealth and drives an “outdated hybrid Honda Accord.”

No scandals. No sexual harassment allegations. Seems like a compassionate, loving family man to me. What makes him “wacky,” Donald? The fact that he doesn’t use his wealth to buy golden toilet seats? His lack of corruption? Sure seems like a more stable, honest guy than Trump. Huh. I mean, Trump is calling him out for never winning elections, and Steyer has never actually run for office. That’s a “wacky” thing to say! Have you been taking your meds today, Donald? You’re sounding pretty unhinged.

Anyway, thanks for introducing him to the rest of us, Donald! I never would have known about him and his $10 million campaign to get you impeached had you not tweeted about it! Seems like a good guy I should be following. Is he on Twitter? Oh, he sure is! Huh, it looks like according to Steyer’s Twitter feed that this ad has been out for about 10 days, at least, and this is the first I’m hearing of it. Social media really is powerful. Thanks Trump!

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