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'Morning Joe': 'Donald Trump Clearly Has a Personality Disorder And It's Getting Worse

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 6, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 6, 2017 |

I’m going to forego the usual caveats on Joe Scarborough this morning. Yes, yes: He helped to get Donald Trump elected. Yes, his policies blah blah blah. As someone who revels in political gossip, I love what Morning Joe has become: An all-morning Trump bashing session from largely conservative personalities, many of whom used to be friendly toward Trump. It’s become a very validating news show.

This morning, Scarborough and ad exec/television personality Donny Deutsch — who apparently has known Trump for a long time — spent five minutes talking about the fact that Donald Trump clearly has a mental disorder.

“When you have a personality disorder, you need to create drama to feel alive,” Deutsch said. “I’m not a clinician, but that is kind of the analytical behavior of what he does.”

“It’s getting worse, by the way, is it not?”

“It is, as any mental disorder does as people getting older … this behavior is aberrant. There’s not an evil motivation here, other than a self destructive personality disorder.”

“He doesn’t know what’s best for him at this point,” Scarborough added. “What he’s doing is hurting his interests, hurting his political interests, hurting his political standing, hurting his White House and hurting his administration … He doesn’t know any better. There is not a sane, rational human being that would have tweeted what he tweeted knowing that the Supreme Court was sitting there and watching and reading and listening and knowing what everybody else in the White House knew the second he started those tweets, that it was against his own interest.”

On his tweets against the mayor of London, Scarborough also added, “Listen, even the most evil, cynical person would restrain themselves during that time because they knew it would cut against their best interests. This man sitting in the White House, he does not think rationally that way anymore.”

And as if on cue, Trump tweets:

But as Jake Tapper points out:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is urgently trying to hire a legal team to help defend him against allegations of obstruction of justice and collusion with the Russians, but no one wants to work for him. According to Yahoo, four top law firms have declined, citing fears that Trump would not listen to them, would undercut them, and would not pay. Also, that it would kill recruitment for the firm.

Trump has dug himself into a hell of a hole, and no one seems to be willing to rescue him except for the fucking Republicans in Congress.