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Morning Briefing: So, Are We're Going to F--king Impeach Hillary Now or What?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 25, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 25, 2017 |

Good morning. The House is investigating the investigation into Hillary’s emails again (BUT HER EMAILS); they’re investigating some uranium deal from 2010 that the Republicans are trying to tie Bill and Hillary to; and Trump is crowing about the fact that Hillary and the DNC funded the Steele Dossier (which, by the way, was initiated by Republicans):

The President is clearly a victim in all of this, and the only possible recourse here is to impeach Hillary. NAIL HER TO THE CROSS! Ignore all the corroborated facts in the Steele dossier; ignore the fact that Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and several other White House officials were using private email servers; ignore the clear violations of the Emoluments Clause perpetuated by the White House; ignore the extensive business contacts between Trump and those in his inner circle with Russia; ignore the fact that Trump refuses to execute sanctions against Russia; ignore the fact that a two-person company with ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was just given $300 million to rebuild the infrastructure in Puerto Rico; ignore the coming indictment of Paul Manafort, and the fact that Trump is trying to personally interview Manhattan DA’s (who would have jurisdiction over some of Manafort’s business crimes); ignore the fact that Republicans are defecting from their own party because of Donald Trump; ignore it all! Instead, let’s impeach Hillary. Who does not hold an office. Who has no designs on running for office.

Seriously, I am all for impeaching Hillary if it means we can finally move on. SEND HER BACK TO CHAPPAQUA WHERE SHE BELONGS!

— Meanwhile, in the dead of the night, the Republicans (with Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote) voted to give lawsuit immunity to credit card companies, auto lenders, and credit reporting companies like Equifax. It’s seen as a major victory for the Banking Industry, which is absolutely who we need to be protecting! Thank God we won’t be able to sue them anymore! If they screw us over somehow, we still have binding arbitration, which heavily favors corporate interests, and like Trump, corporations are the real victim here!

— And then there were 47? Corker, Flake, Sasse, Collins, and McCain is your official roster of anti-Trump Republicans in the Senate now, and I know you’re all like, “But they still vote with Trump.” Well, yes: They’re still Republicans. They’re going to agree with that motherfucker 90 percent of the time. But when it comes to investigating Niger, or protecting the First Amendment, or protecting Bob Mueller’s investigation, I feel like maybe we can trust those 5 to side with the Constitution.

As for the rest of the Republican Senate? They gave a standing ovation to Trump yesterday at a luncheon to talk about tax reform, where tax reform was barely actually discussed. “He just went on and on, talking about his accomplishments and going off on tangents. It was inane,” said one GOP Senator, who still gave the man a standing O.

In other words, the GOP privately still believes that Trump is a bonehead, but they’re still gonna lick his boots. Meanwhile, Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are throwing their support behind Alabama candidate for Senate Roy Moore, who believes that homosexuality should be outlawed and that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress.

There’s some real fucking Handmaid’s Tale shit going on here, and the resistance has been too goddamn quiet lately. If we aren’t careful, men like Roy Moore and Trump’s Id are going to start passing laws outlawing homosexuality and eroding sexual harassment and rape laws, and as we have seen, the rest of the Republican party is not gonna do shit about it.

I mean, look at this shit:

Wait a second, Senator? It’s exclusively the media’s job to call Trump out on his bullshit? And when the media does, are you going to join the chorus of Trumpers screaming “FAKE NEWS.”

We’re goddamn 10 months into this administration, and the biggest winner, so far? Motherfucking Steve Bannon:

We gotta stop this, folks. We gotta stop finding glee in the destruction of the Republican party, and start throwing our support behind some actual Democrats with names. We can’t depend on generic Democrat vs. generic Republican polls. We need a message, and some candidates. You people in Virginia and Jersey, make bloody sure your Democratic governors win. And you people in Texas? You GOTTA get Cruz out of there next year. You GOTTA. Figure it out!

Trump’s approval rating may sit in a measly 40 percent, but he’s still powerful enough to drive the approval rating of GOP members who go against him to 20 percent. We gotta make sure the loonies that Bannon brings in don’t overrun Congress.

I’m fucking angry, and everyone else needs to get fucking angry. We need to Womens’ March these motherfuckers out of here.