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Morning Briefing: Once Again, A Cruel Donald Trump Takes the Chickensh*t's Way Out

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 5, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 5, 2017 |

The deal with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is this: The situation with DACA and the Dreamers would be difficult for any President right now, including President Obama, because there are about 10 states — states with terrible, awful Attorneys General — who plan to file a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s authority to enact DACA through executive action. The thing is, those states would almost certainly win, based on precedent. It was a morally correct decision by President Obama, but it wasn’t necessarily within the power of the executive to make that decision.

For the limited purposes of DACA, let’s treat President Trump like a normal President for a moment. He’s got himself in a hell of a bind. He campaigned on ending DACA, but after winning the election, he promised to handle the situation with “heart.” DACA is hugely popular — two-thirds support it (and you can guess which third does not). Eliminating DACA is something his base wants, but purely from a political standpoint, the optics are going to be horrible and my guess is at least some of his supporters will realize how heinous it is to end DACA when news reports start featuring stories from incredibly sympathetic young lawyers, engineers, doctors, aide workers, and other contributors to American society being deported back to countries they have never known. 800,000 people could be deported to countries where many have no relationships. Their lives will be uprooted. They’ll lose their jobs, be separated from their families. It would be heinous and cruel to end DACA, and my guess is that media will be able to get that point across.

On the other hand, if Trump doesn’t do something about DACA, it may be terminated through the court system, although that could take years, years in which Congress could come up with a solution.

So Trump is going to puss out — today, he is expected to cowardly hide behind his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who will announce that termination of DACA will be deferred for six months, six months for a chaotic, ineffective Congress to get their shit together and come up with a plan to save the Dreamers legislatively.

Can it be done? I don’t know. It seems like the Senate can come up with a solution, but there are a lot of racist, “nationalist” assholes in the House of Representatives who could block any effort to come up with a solution. Trump probably knows that, so he’s basically going to get his cake and be able to eat it. He can appeal to his base by ending DACA, and he can also blame Congress for being unable to save it.

In other words, Donald Trump is playing politics with the lives of 800,000 people and their families. It’s one of the cruelest decisions a President has ever made.

But what is the right decision? The right decision here is to fight the lawsuit those states file against DACA, and drag it out for years, if possible. The right decision is to give Congress as much time as possible to come up with a solution. The right decision is to push Republicans to support DACA by appealing to their humanity, by sharing the stories of these Dreamers, by building support for them. Instead of letting Congress take the blame, a good, humane President would take the lead here and whip up some support for a kind, legislative solution with “heart.”

Instead, Trump is taking the chickenshit’s way out. He’s potentially upending the lives of 800,000 people for political gain, and even then, it’s likely to backfire. Ending DACA would also cost the U.S. economy 30,000 jobs a month and billions of dollars in revenue in the form of taxes received from Dreamers. It’s cynical and cruel, and lacking in compassion. It’s one more reason that Donald Trump is a terrible, awful human being, and even some Republicans in Congress agree:

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