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Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Serves Himself Up On a Spit

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 18, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 18, 2017 |

Good morning. Today we’re going to talk about a phone call that President Trump made to Myeshia Johnson, the widow of a fallen soldier, because that’s where we are in America in 2017. We do not understand the circumstances surrounding the soldier’s death. It took 48 hours to recover the man’s body, and 12 days for Donald Trump to acknowledge his existence, and only then did he do so after he was called out by the press.

The man’s name, by the way, is Sgt. La David Johnson. He was a father. He was a husband. Right now, we should be mourning his death. We should be allowing his 24-year-old widow the time to grieve. (If there’s one positive to come out of this stupid controversy, it’s that a GoFundMe to support Myeshia’s children has raised $250,000 already).

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about whether or not President Obama made phone calls to fallen soldiers (he did). We’re talking about how President Obama handled the death of General John Kelly’s son, and we’re talking about a phone call that Donald Trump made to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow, a phone call where he said that Johnson “knew what he was signing up for.” Oh, according to Rep. Frederica Wilson, the president also couldn’t remember Johnson’s name when he made the call.

It should be a pretty open and shut case here: Noted sociopath Donald Trump shows off his insensitivity once again. For the 789th time during his Presidency, Trump illustrates that he does not know how to speak like a human being. He has no empathy.

There should be no political debate surrounding the death of a soldier. But this morning, cable news and social media is engaged in a he said/she said debate. Rep. Frederica Wilson was with Myeshia when the phone call was made. Representative Wilson says Myeshia was in tears after the conversation because of what Trump said.

Trump, on the other hand, says LIES!

Rational people would see this tweet and think, “OK. How many times has Donald Trump lied over the last two years? How many times has he disrespected the military? There’s the Gold Star family. There’s John McCain. There’s the way he politicized the Boy Scouts and the CIA, and how he’s hidden behind his generals, and how he once falsely said he had “proof” before re: Obama tapping his phone lines. Etc. Etc. Etc. So, everyone is like, “Fuck you, Trump. You lying piece of shit!” Right? Right?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump himself has made the death of a soldier a political issue, which basically gave the green light to the media to impeach his credibility. You put yourself on the stand, Trump, and that’s what happens. From the Associated Press:

But The Associated Press found relatives of two soldiers who died overseas during Trump’s presidency who said they never received a call or a letter from him, as well as relatives of a third who did not get a call. And proof is plentiful that Barack Obama and George W. Bush — saddled with far more combat casualties than the roughly two dozen so far under Trump, took painstaking steps to write, call or meet bereaved military families.

So, once again, Trump has started a battle that he cannot win. He has brought more shame upon himself, and to the office of the Presidency, and he knows it, which is why he is accusing the Congresswoman of lying, and otherwise trying to divert our attention again:

Don’t take the bait, media. Where it concerns the death of soldiers, there wasn’t even a fire here until Donald Trump served himself up on spit. The least you could now is roast him.

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