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Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Shames the Hell Out of Orrin Hatch Over Trumpcare Debate

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 9, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 9, 2017 |

While we have all been focused on Donald Trump and James Comey and pinning our hopes on a remote possibility that a Republican Congress might actually grow a pair and impeach their President for the good of the country, that same Republican Senate has quietly been pushing a new health care bill. Mitch McConnell has fast-tracked it. It’ll be coming up for a vote soon. Only thing is, we have no idea what’s in it. Nor do the Democrats. There have been no hearings, and there will be no hearings. The GOP have apparently mollified the moderates by, I believe, phasing out Medicaid expansions over 7 years (so poor people will die slowly instead of en masse) and they’re gearing up for a vote. It looks like they might even have the votes to push it through, too.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, at the very least, is speaking up, even if it means interrupting the work on another committee.

This is amazing, and you can actually feel the burn of shame emanating off of Orrin Hatch’s soulless body.

My understanding is that the call volume in Congress has fallen back down to its pre-Trump levels. The #resistance is not raising the requisite amount of hell. We can’t rely on the GOP to impeach the President, but Trumpcare is heinous, and if we want to take back Congress in 2018, we gotta play the long game. We have to go on the offensive against Trumpcare again.

I know you’re tired. But please, pick up that phone, especially if you’re in Ohio (Portman), Nevada (Heller), Arizona (Flake), or Nebraska (Sasse), and make them feel your presence.