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Yeah, It's a Real F*cking Mystery Why Meghan McCain Wants Bernie Sanders to Run

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 20, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 20, 2019 |


Meghan McCain is not a hard nut to crack. She has made it very publicly clear that she will always vote a Republican ticket and socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “make her head explode.” However, she has made some contentious remarks about Donald Trump, so people make the unfortunate mistake of assuming she’s some sort of maverick like her dad, who also criticized Trump yet continued to hand him virtually everything he wanted because party first. Apparently, being a soulless oligarch is hereditary just like Meghan’s wealth. Who knew?

So with that information in mind, most political writers should be able to quickly divine why Meghan threw her weight behind Bernie Sanders announcing his run for president. And yet for some reason, Splinter couldn’t figure that one out.


In case you think this headline is sarcastic, not once does the writer acknowledge why a die-hard Republican, who openly hates socialism, would f*cking love for Bernie to become the Democratic candidate. Clearly, it’s a total mystery why Meghan is jazzed about her exact political opposite as she also makes it a point to accuse the DNC of rigging the primaries against him and bring up super-delegates. I mean, it’s not like Meghan let it slip that she talked about all of this with her husband — who publishes the goddamn Federalist — and both of them just happened to concoct a scenario where Bernie magically cinches the nom.

Except, oh wait, that’s exactly what she did.

But, again, there’s no way to know why lifelong Republican Meghan McCain would suddenly be giddy about a socialist candidate with a history of dividing the Democratic Party.

Unless… maybe it’s that last part? Nah, that can’t be it. It’s totally because Bernie is the most popular politician in America. Definitely that.

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