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Meghan McCain Doesn't Like Bashing Trump While Honoring the Dead, Wait

By Mike Redmond | Politics | December 4, 2018 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | December 4, 2018 |


Within minutes of delivering a eulogy at her father’s funeral, Meghan McCain was briefly welcomed into #TheResistance, because take a wild guess who’s she talking about here.

From Time:

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness,” she said. “The real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly.”

In an apparent reference to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, Meghan added: “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.” The line was met with applause.

Wow, scathing stuff.

But if anyone actually hoped this moment was a turning point for Meghan to end her lifelong love affair with the party that gleefully bowed down to a flagrantly corrupt president who shit all over her dad, they were about to be sorely disappointed. She’s married to the asshole who publishes The Federalist, for Chrissakes. How do you think this was going to play out?

After a few weeks of mourning, Meghan was back to business as usual. A few potshots at Trump here and there, but she was still very loyally backing almost every piece of horseshit the party cooked up in service of Trump — just like dad!

Case in point, here’s Meghan going to bat for hurling the United States military at migrants who might have rocks — which everyone knows is nature’s nuke — by retweeting this Ben Shapiro attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


So if you were banking on a post-funeral change in Meghan, go ahead and stop doing that because this retweet is consistent with her long-standing hate for socialism. Turns out rich, white ladies would like to stay as super rich as possible even if it means our healthcare system remains a goddamn meat grinder of bankruptcy and death for poor people. Meghan’s dad didn’t get captured in Nam so she could lose a tiny sliver of her wealth to fund socialized medicine like f**king France or some shit. If you remember her eulogy, America is already great! How dare you try and fix it?

Meghan also had a brief foray in equating mail bombs to interrupting Republicans during their soup. To which Jodi offered some solid advice that Meghan clearly didn’t follow or this piece wouldn’t be happening.

Which brings us to Monday, where Meghan flipped the f**k out on Joy Behar for slipping in a criticism of Trump while remembering the late George H.W. Bush. You know, the exact same thing Meghan did during her father’s funeral.

From People:

“This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and [President] Obama did,” she said. “And if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution and the greenhouse effect,” she said.

McCain asked that the conversation be redirected back to honoring Bush.

“Can we focus on the president, please?” she said. “I don’t want to talk about Trump when we’re in the moment of honoring a great president who passed. I’m not interested in your one-issue voter when our president just passed.”

“I don’t care what you’re interested in. I’m talking! Damn it,” Behar fired back.

“Well, I don’t care what you’re interested in either, Joy!” McCain said as Whoopi Goldberg instructed the cameras to turn to commercial break.

But don’t worry. Joy and Meghan are doing great and couldn’t be closer because televised debates are goddamn theater that no one should watch.

“They had a disagreement on-air, which is totally expected in that job,” the source says. “But they are both professionals. They seemed completely fine afterwards.”

In fact, according to the source, the two have “actually gotten really close over the last year.”

Here’s the clip even though I just said nobody should watch this shit. Maybe a daytime talk show tiff is the tea you need right now. I’m just looking out for you.

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