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Liberty Counsel: 'No, We Don't Want Gays To Be Lynched, But Hey, Look At Our Black Guy!'

By Mike Redmond | Politics | January 11, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | January 11, 2019 |


Evangelical Christianity is a horseshit cancer that’s killing America dead. Just look at how 80% of them voted for Trump and have made it abundantly clear that they don’t give a fish bumper sticker f**k what kind of atrocities the Republican Party commits as long it continues to wage constant war on abortion and gays.

Case in point: The Senate passed a federal anti-lynching bill last month, and outside of the Klan, who could possibly see a problem with that? Evangelical Christians, that’s who. Namely the Liberty Counsel who you might remember from their time championing moron bigot Kim Davis (above). Apparently, they couldn’t help but notice that the bill protects LGBTQ Americans from… let me see here… being violently hanged in the course of a hate crime. Can’t have that!

NBC News reports:

“The old saying is once that camel gets the nose in the tent, you can’t stop them from coming the rest of the way in,” Staver said in an interview with conservative Christian news outlet OneNewsNow. “This is a way to slip it in under a so-called anti-lynching bill, and to then to sort of circle the wagon and then go for the juggler [sic] at some time in the future.”

Staver told OneNewsNow that his organization, which has been labeled an anti-LGBTQ “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is lobbying lawmakers in the House to have them remove the bill’s “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” language before taking a vote.

Obviously, this is an extremely bad look. And you can tell it is because it even gave pause to the pious assbags who thought it’d be a great idea to officially request that maybe we don’t protect gays from being goddamn lynched? So yesterday, the Liberty Counsel went into damage control by publishing a statement titled “False Reporting on Lynching Bill Endangers Lives.” In it, the hate group tries to say that, of course, nobody should ever be lynched. And to prove how serious they are, here’s a black guy they have working for them!

(Emphasis mine, and please picture me saying, “There it is” when you get to it.)

As an African-American, Jonathan Alexandre, Director of Public Policy for Liberty Counsel in Washington, D.C., is likewise outraged over the false narrative of the media. He said, “The systematic torture and abuse of African-Americans throughout history is this country’s greatest disgrace. Some politicians and media have tried to use this horrible history to push unrelated political agendas by hijacking a serious issue. Lynching is wrong for all people despite the reason for targeting a victim.”

Ah, yes, the dreaded unrelated political agenda of protecting a group who has been lynched in the past from being lynched again. Where do these liberals get off?

But the best part of the Liberty Counsel’s bullshit backpedaling is using a black guy to shield itself from accusations of homophobia. Talk about an incredible reading of the room right there, and I can’t think of a recent example of why that might blow up in their dumb, superstitious faces.


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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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