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Don't Worry: Trump's Budget Isn't Just Totally Heartless, It's Also Total Nonsense

By Emily Cutler | Politics | March 20, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Politics | March 20, 2017 |

Here are the only two real things you need to know about Trump’s new budget blueprint:

1) Mick Mulvaney and his team created the budget by reading through Trump’s past statements to determine what budget items are most important to the President. And while, yes, this does mean that the budget creation was as painful for the writers as implementation would be for the country, it also means that even Trump’s closest advisers understand that you can’t just ask Trump how he feels about the budget, because he’s a raving lunatic who doesn’t remember what he thinks about stuff.

2) When any politician or administration official or old racist uncle tells you that federal spending is out of control, know that they are either wildly mistaken or intentionally lying to you. Why?

And it’s important to note, non-defense discretionary spending is already at its lowest level relative to GDP in over fifteen years. Lower than any year of Reagan’s presidency.

None of which is to say that wage depression and stagnation aren’t shrinking the middle-class and drastically reducing the quality of life for most Americans. Shit is getting shitty. But it’s not because the Federal government is spending all of your hard earned dollars.

The EPA is currently responsible for 0.2 percent of federal spending. And the State Department and USAID are 1.4 percent. So you don’t cut those agencies as a cost saving measure, you do it as a “fuck you.”

Trump and his team don’t give a damn about saving the country money. What they care about is having more money for themselves. They care about it more than they care about making sure that old people don’t starve to death. They care about it more than they care about making sure children don’t die from lack of health care. They care about it more than making sure we don’t kill the shit out of the Earth, aka that place where everyone has to live.

Except, of course, for the fact that Trump still desperately wants the country’s love and adoration. It’s going to be a sad, sad day in the White House when he realizes he can’t have both.

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