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Jake Tapper Casually Reminds Breitbart He Owns Twitter

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | February 17, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | February 17, 2017 |

On Thursday evening, Jake Tapper, CNN poster-boy and rising champion for the free press, delivered a blistering response to President Donald Trump’s comically unhinged press conference. As a quick review, Trump called the “leaks” about his aides’ contact with Russian intelligence absolutely “real,” but the news coverage of it “fake,” which makes about as much sense as pretty much everything going on these days.

But at any rate, not ready to normalize this bulls*t, Tapper broke down just how awful the press conference was. “He said things that were not true,” Tapper said, plain and simple, before describing the conference as “unhinged” and “wild,” and pointing out how little the president seemed to care about anything except ratings, bad coverage, and yeah, pretty much just that. “Americans are going to watch that press conference and think ‘That guy isn’t focused on me.’ I don’t know even what he’s focused on,” Tapper said.

Since not even Fox News is about to defend that shit show though, of course, it all fell on Breitbart to try and defend the indefensible, which it did by attempting to hit Tapper for his criticism:

Tapper hit back by plainly calling the tweet what it was: a pathetic appeal to the president’s puppet master:

It was a merciless hit, but it was about as real as it gets.

This is a pretty accurate summary of the exchange, wouldn’t you agree?

Sure, Jake Tapper isn’t the hero we deserve — but as attacks on the free press from the Trump administration just keep mounting, he sure is the hero we need.

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