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Ivanka Trump is Officially an Unofficial White House Staff Member and Other Horrors

By Bekka Supp | Politics | March 21, 2017 |

By Bekka Supp | Politics | March 21, 2017 |

It’s not all that often when I’m right, and in this instance, I certainly don’t relish it. A couple of days ago, I perhaps jokingly insinuated that we should all keep a watchful eye on the sudden surge of evil blondes making names for themselves in politics. The impetus for that piece was a single thought that seemed harmless enough at the time, but now seems prescient AF.

Beware the Hair Dyes of March, I guess. In the short amount of time between that article and today, several high profile blondes have been in the news:

- Tomi Lahren has been suspended from The Blaze not because she’s pro-choice, but because Glenn Beck saw right through her flip-flopping bullshit. Since Lahren’s contract is up in September, this could spell good news for FoxNews if they need a new face to add to their line up or bad news for Conway who could be replaced by Tomi. Speaking of which…

- This tweet that Kellyanne Conway tweeted last October in reference to the “But her emails” investigation is coming back to haunt her

- Finally, Ivanka Trump getting an office in the West Wing, despite not having sworn in for an official position or title, but is granted security clearance as an unofficial adviser to her father.

Who knew that the horsemen of the apocalypse would be blonde?

The first point was covered brilliantly by Dustin, so there’s no need to beat an indecisive and racist dead show pony. The second point is hilarious if not for the sweet irony, but also for the fact that Conway, of all people, should know when to STFU. Case in point; in an interview with New York Magazine, Conway was asked about her relationship with the truth and delivered her master skills in question dodging.

Anybody who pretends I’m not smart or not credible, it’s like, ‘Excuse me, I’ve spoken 1.2 million words on TV, okay?’

You wanna focus on two here and two there, it’s on you, you’re a fucking miserable person, P.S., just whoever you are.

Which brings be to the last point and perhaps the most damning of them all: First Daughter of the United States Ivanka Trump. There’s a lot of speculation about what her role will be and in what capacity she’ll be used, since neither have been addressed. The Washington Post asserts that maybe Ivanka will be used to revamp our nation’s child care system since she strong armed dear ol’ dad to address that issue during his campaign when it wasn’t on his radar. Or maybe she’ll use her position to give rise to more opportunities to women in executive and political roles.

What’s concerning is the following: She will not be considered a federal employee and therefore does not have to adhere to the same ethics restrictions that apply to government employees (though she said she would voluntarily), she will receive a government-issued smart phone, and the use of her own office in the West Wing, “to protect government records and any information to which she may have access,” according to senior White House officials and sources close to her. Her clearance will allow her to receive classified information.

All of this is a huge joke to the men and women who have had to go through years of training to secure that level of clearance, to earn a position in the West Wing, and most importantly, earn the trust of the community in which they share all the above.

Ivanka is the truest example of a woman who can have it all: privilege at its finest. Beware the blonde Cerberus …

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