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If You Think Donald Trump As President Is a Joke, These Survey Results Will Make You Cry

By Cindy Davis | Politics | September 8, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Politics | September 8, 2015 |

Remember when you thought it was weird that New York businessman Donald Trump was heading up a reality show on NBC? That was nothing compared to the idea he’s even running for POTUS, never mind actually winning an election. I don’t remember much of what I knew about the guy when I turned into that first season of The Apprentice, but in the same way that I found Survivor contestants’ interpersonal and psychological game interesting, I remember being as fascinated by his decision-making process, as I was by that bizarre creature he tries to pass off as hair.

It’s nearly effortless to poke fun at the Donald for his hair, but you know what’s not so easy? Imagining Trump actually becoming President of the United States. And for many of us who can’t even believe anyone’s taking a guy who says things about women and minorities that make us want to puke seriously, things just got a kazillion times worse.


According to a SurveyUSA poll* conducted over Labor Day weekend, if a vote between Trump and Hillary Clinton were held right now, Trump would beat Hillary Clinton 45% to her 40%. He’d also lead with 44% to Bernie Sanders’ 40%; 44% to Joe Biden’s 42%; and 44% to Al Gore’s 41%.


I’m not sure what world I’m living in, and I’m certain there are pundits who could easily wave away my fears, but the fact that there is any presidential poll giving Trump the lead is simultaneously startling, and (to my cynical side) not really surprising. I remember thinking there was no way in hell (especially after debates) G.W. Bush could be elected (part of my brain still refuse to acknowledge those dark times), but the way things are going in this country, I’m not sure anything could surprise us anymore. We barely blink an eye — we don’t know what to do — when we kill each other; we are intolerant and hateful; why should any of us be surprised when a candidate spewing that same hatred rises up in the polls? Rhetorical question though it may be, as we’ve incredulously watched people like Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, Scott Walker and Donald Trump make their way to the top of the pile, each time we’ve also gone through that moment of feeling this has to be a joke. Well, my friends, Donald Trump’s presidential bid is clearly not a joke.

*SurveyUSA’s telephone poll of 1000 people (900 were registered voters) was conducted by phone from 09/02/15 to 09/03/15. Full details here.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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