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How Dare Pete Buttigieg Say Meghan McCain Hates Socialism?

By Mike Redmond | Politics | July 31, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | July 31, 2019 |


Right off the bat, I genuinely had no idea Pete Buttigieg was even on stage during last night’s Democratic debate, which makes me wonder who the hell Joe Biden is debating tonight? Himself? Actually, I would watch that.

“Joe, some people think you’re an old racist whose time is up. What do you say to that? — Well, Joe, I’d say that I spent eight years working with Barack Obama, who’s black by the way. Very black. And not once did I ask to use separate bathrooms. Hell, every day I’d burst in and say, ‘You need the Secret Service to help shake that thing? They’re right outside.’ So to even suggest that I’m racist…”

Anyway, somehow Meghan McCain paid more attention than I did because not only did she know that Buttigieg was at the debate, but she remembered words that he said. Granted, it was entirely in service of making every single subject about her, America’s congealed sweetheart, but still.

Via Raw Story:

Buttigieg urged his rivals to stop caring about what Republicans would say, because they’re going to call them “crazy socialists” regardless of the agenda they actually pursued, and McCain felt personally attacked.

“Do you know who I don’t think is a socialist?” McCain said. “Joe Biden, I don’t think Tulsi Gabbard is a socialist. There are many candidates onstage I don’t think that. So please don’t put in my mouth (that) I’m going to paint all Democrats as socialist. I don’t think there is a socialist sitting at this table with me, and I think that is a cheap talking point, and I used to like him.”

So you know the old saying: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt? Well, when MY FATHER© mounted Cindy McCain 35 years ago, he recited it backward, and that’s how we ended up with ManagerFace McGoo squawking at Whoopi Goldberg. Because 99% of the time Meghan is just saying words for the sake of saying words. Some idiot asked her to be on The View, so now she has to have at least one opinion on something, and it’s clearly a struggle. When she’s not screaming her father’s name while one of her nonsense rebuttals inevitably burst into flames, she’s contradicting things she said from earlier episodes if not minutes earlier. Like the time she attacked The Squad for being radical socialists — You know the exact thing she’s mad at Mayor Pete for correctly predicting she would do — and cackled with glee over Democratic infighting then literally turned right around and said she hates political infighting.

But since we’re all here, here’s the classic clip that launched a thousand memes when Meghan flew off the handle over how much she hates AOC and socialism. I’m talking she starts by quoting Margaret f*cking Thatcher. It’s also an extremely revealing reminder of how much Meghan wants to see Trump win in 2020 so she has an excuse to say “I told you so.” Children in concentration camps, rampant racism, the rule of law in tatters, but hey, Meghan gets to be right about something. That’s totally not the privileged thinking of a spoiled tart wearing curtains in the header pic.

So with that dumpster fire covered with ranch in mind, here’s the clip of Meghan getting mad at Mayor Pete, and you really have to marvel at her indignation considering he’s right, which I’ll prove in a second, and her completely fake praise for Elizabeth Warren after we just watched Meghan nearly light a Tiki torch and swing it at Joy Behar’s face at the mere mention of universal healthcare.

As for Mayor Pete’s “cheap talking point” that Republicans are going to accuse Democrats of being socialists all day everyday, let’s check in on Meghan’s number one news source:

What are the odds of that? (Good. Very good. Possibly even the best.)

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube