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Hey Republicans! How Does It Feel to Be Hoodwinked By Your Own Party?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 15, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 15, 2017 |

The GOP has decided ONCE AGAIN to try to kill Obamacare; this time by doing so through the backdoor. They’ve added a provision to their new tax plan to kill the individual mandate, which wouldn’t completely kill Obamacare, but it kind of would. Millions fewer would purchase health care, and premiums would increase dramatically. But hey! The government would save $340 billion, which they could put toward the $1.5 trillion deficit the new tax plan would run up in order to give wealthy people huge tax breaks.

I absolutely cannot believe this bill is still moving along. It has the support of about 25 percent of Americans. It benefits the wealthy at a much, much higher rate than everyone else; it goes against Trump’s populist message; it would kill charitable deductions, thus costing charities billions in dollars; there will be fewer people on Obamacare and no deduction for medical expenses; and the student loan interest deduction would also be eliminated. Moreover, the tax breaks that the middle class does get will be phased out in 2026, while the huge corporate tax break will be permanent. It would also remove state and local tax deductions, which would be crushing mostly for blue states (do we not have any blue state Republicans in the Senate?)

There is nothing good about this bill for 95 percent of Americans. I cannot believe there are 50 votes for it in the Senate (I think Susan Collins is the only announced holdout).

This is flabbergasting. An incredibly unpopular party with an incredibly unpopular President is going to ram through an incredibly unpopular bill. How? Because racism, that’s how. Motherfuckers.

Just how unpopular are the Republicans right now? Check this out. This is OKLAHOMA:

HEY! HEY! Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri and all of your friends: Listen up! Your political party is fucking you over. They are using your fear of immigrants and Muslims and black people to enrich themselves. They do not care about you! They do not care about your problems! They are using you. They are exploiting you. They are selling you some bullshit about Clinton and uranium so that so that they can give billions in tax breaks to Sheldon Adelson, who in turn will contribute millions to their campaigns.

And if you won’t listen to me, listen to Steve Louro, a Republican donor who held a fundraiser for Donald Trump, who has also just quit his post as the regional chairman for New York’s Republican party over the tax bill:

“The bill that’s going to get passed is not going to take care of the American people. It’s a disgrace,” Mr. Louro said in a phone interview. He had resigned from his post as a fund-raiser via email earlier in the day, he said.

“The Republican Party took control of the government against all odds, and the bottom line is” they messed up, he said, using an expletive. “It’s a disgrace. It’s going to hurt a lot of middle-class Republicans.”

Speaking of uranium and Clinton, listen to Shep Smith, who totally throws his own network under the bus:

I love you, Shep Smith. I have NO idea how you’ve managed to keep your job over there, but God bless.

And look, Republicans. Not only is your party fucking you over royally, look who you keep going to bat for?


That tweet was from LAST NIGHT. It stayed up for 9 hours until someone realized that Trump had copy and pasted condolences from the last mass shooting.

Meanwhile, two or three times in recent weeks, Trump has reiterated that he doesn’t watch TV that much, and yet:

And yet:

Your President is a mush-brained dotard couch potato whose only interest is in himself. I cannot believe that Donald Trump is the hill you people want to die on, and for many of you — who will lose health insurance under the new tax plan — you literally may die on that hill. Is it worth it, so that a brown person doesn’t get a job that you have zero interest in? How is that new job in beautiful clean coal going for you, huh? How many new guns are you going to be able to buy with those huge corporate tax cuts, Willie in Oklahoma? The Democrats may be smug, out of touch coastal elites, but the problems that they are trying to fix are mostly for your fucking benefits. Smarten up, motherfuckers. Stop letting the GOP exploit your fucking pride to enrich themselves.

Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here, follow him on Twitter, or listen to his weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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