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Here Are a Bunch of Numbers You Should Completely Ignore

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 5, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 5, 2018 |


By Friday, five days before the midterms, twelve states had already surpassed early voting numbers for all of 2014. First-time voters are turning out in big numbers, too. For instance, here’s the turnout among 18-29-year-olds, compared to 2014 early voting, as of Friday:

- AZ +217%
- FL +131%
- GA +415%
- MI +128%
- NV +364%
- TN +767%
- TX +448%

Win or lose against Ted Cruz, those early voting and young voter numbers out of Texas attributed to Beto are also going to help a few Democrats in tight Congressional races in Texas. Speaking of Beto, in the last week, I’ve seen polls with Cruz up by 5, up by 3, and one with Beto up by 2.

In Florida, an NBC/Marist poll out today looks good for the Democrats:

Nelson 50%
Scott 46%

Gillum 50%
DeSantis 46%

Same in Missouri:

McCaskill 50%
Hawley 47%

Florida Democrats for the 1st time this election surpassed Republicans in total early ballots cast

Dem: 2.07m (40.6%)
GOP: 2.04 (40.1%)
Margin: 0.5% (was +GOP 0.6)

Trump’s approval is down a notch, according to the latest CNN poll:
Approve — 39%
Disapprove — 55%

The same CNN polls gives Democrats a 13-point advantage in the generic ballot:

Democrat — 55%
Republican — 42%

Early voter turnout is also soaring in North Carolina, and leaning Democratic:

-Democrats: 43%
-Republicans: 30%
-Independents: 26%

Abrams and Kemp remain statistically tied in Georgia. There is concern because there is a Libertarian on the ballot who could get up to 2 percent of the vote that neither Kemp nor Abrams will get to 50 percent, which means a runoff in December.

Of course, none of this matters. Polls are very unreliable these days and none of the good poll numbers will come to fruition if you don’t vote. I will give this to Trump, though: He’s inspired a lot more people to exercise their civic duty. I just hope there are more Democrats voting to keep Trump in check than there are Republicans voting to protect America from a non-existent threat on the border. We’ll find out tomorrow how that shakes out.

In the meantime, this poll from Axios is meaningless, but it sure suggests something to me: Democrats need a female candidate in 2020 (and I would not object to Michelle Obama getting in the race to SAVE THE COUNTRY).

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.28.53 AM.png

Speaking of Oprah, as if the Georgia race could not get any nastier,, an anti-Semitic video podcasting website, is robocalling Georgians with the following message:

“This is the magical negro, Oprah Winfrey, asking you to make my fellow negress, Stacey Abrams, the governor of Georgia,” the call begins, according to recordings.

“Years ago, the Jews who own the American media saw something in me - the ability to trick dumb white women into thinking I was like them,” the voice continues. “I see that same potential in Stacey Abrams.”

The robocall compares Abrams to a “poor man’s Aunt Jemimah” who “white women can be tricked into voting for, especially the fat ones.”

For the love of God, vote people. Please.