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Gun Rights Asshole Blames Tree of Life Shooting on.. let's see here.. Tree of Life, Goddamit

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 14, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 14, 2019 |


While the eastern portion of the state is currently giving Bill Cosby an “amazing” time in prison, Western PA is grappling with the aftermath of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. The attack was carried out by a deranged, right-wing psychopath, who was fueled by the president’s rhetoric over the migrant caravan along with online hate speech blaming the Jews for said caravan. Predictably, Pittsburgh officials are running into the usual roadblocks that not even the bodies of kindergarteners could overcome because America is a gun-addicted shitbox.

During a city council meeting on Tuesday to pass legislation that would ban “some semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity magazines,” Kim Stolfer from Firearms Owners Against Crime stopped by to oppose the new measures, and in the process, dropped this wonderful turd on the floor.

WTAE reports:

“Where was the citizens there? How many veterans were in that synagogue at the time that were disarmed by the synagogue’s policies on no guns?” Stolfer asked. “Why are we not holding the synagogue responsible for not having security?”

To be clear, that’s a guns right asshole 100 percent blaming the victims of a mass shooting for that shooting because their house of worship wasn’t armed to the goddamned teeth at all times. You see, the problem isn’t the crazed gunman’s unfettered access to guns, the real issue is that everyone else around him didn’t have enough of their own guns creating a warm, safe cocoon of never-ending crossfire. Duh.

Considering I’ve never heard of Firearms Owners Against Crime before, I did a little digging, and naturally, the results came back that Republicans are soulless shit-merchants who will kill us all. According to a 2015 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profile, Stolfer has a reputation in PA for going farther than the NRA is willing to go. I’m talking even pro-gunners think Stolfer’s “absolutism risks backfiring,” and yet Republicans call him anytime someone wants to put human lives over boomsticks.

“I call FOAC the Praetorian Guard of the Second Amendment,” said state Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Elizabeth, one of the group’s chief allies. Mr. Stolfer, he said, is “one of the best-kept secrets in the Second Amendment arsenal,” and helped pass some of the state’s most hotly contested gun laws.

What should be obvious is that it’s incredibly convenient that the solution to the rampant misuse of a consumer product is to buy more of that consumer product. “Are you afraid you might get shot by all of the guns out there? Buy a gun!” It’s like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. And yet there’s no end in sight because our forefathers decided to recklessly add, “Ah, f*ck it, everyone gets a musket,” to the Constitution without realizing that 200 years later, morons will actually argue that they still need a gun to ward off tyranny. When really they just like to makes things go “BOOM,” and God willing, right into some poor soul’s face who stepped on their “prop’dee.” (If it’s not a problem, they’d prefer that person be black or some sort of Mexican. If it’s no trouble.)

Something has to give here.

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