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Of Course, Glenn Greenwald Went on Fox News and Defended the MAGA Kid, Of Course

By Mike Redmond | Politics | January 22, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | January 22, 2019 |


Fox News is a xenophobic turd-wagon that’s about the closest thing America has to a state-run media network. It’s so far up Trump’s ass that it can tell when Ivanka is in the room by quiver alone, and it hasn’t met a racist talking point that it won’t gleefully regurgitate with gusto. Diseased immigrants invading the border? You got it. Black teenagers aren’t saints and deserve to have the full brunt of police brutality visited upon them and/or be shot in cold blood? Order up!

So when it comes to media malpractice, Fox News really isn’t in a position to lecture anybody. And that should be readily apparent to Far Left Intellectual Hero Glenn Greenwald, who you’d just assume would want to do everything in his power to not legitimize the propaganda arm of the current administration. Except horseshoe theory is gonna horseshoe, so here’s Glenn making another one of his numerous Fox News appearances where he puts up a weak, performative argument before sitting back and being entirely complicit in whatever bullshit flies out of the host’s mouth.

Setting aside the fact that we all saw what we damn saw, to his credit, Greenwald does acknowledge that the “full video” isn’t exactly an exoneration and still contains disturbing actions on the part of the Covington Catholic teens and attributes that to Donald Trump’s administration. Which, no shit, but it’s good to hear that out loud.

Where Greenwald does damage is lobbing criticism at the “Twitter mob” who correctly saw a racist kid in a racist hat doing racism and at the mainstream media outlets who ran with the story. At no point does Greenwald address the alarming speed and frequency in which that same media instantly changed its tune at the first hint of spin from a conservative PR firm. But where Greenwald continues to fuck up with these Fox News collaborations is when he qualifies Laura Ingraham’s expertise as equal to his own because they’re both lawyers. That becomes a major issue when Ingraham cuts him off as he begins to talk about Trump’s racism, and he smiles and acquiesces as she trots out the predictable line of, “Man, I’m glad there weren’t cameras around when I was 15, right?” Funny how that defense is never used for black kids, but you don’t hear that rebuttal from Greenwald as his silence tacitly condones Ingraham’s stance.

In Glenn’s defense, he had more horseshoeing to do!

In this clip, Greenwald questions Robert Mueller’s credibility because the far left and the far right are so close they can practically kiss if one of them wasn’t violently homophobic. Just by appearing on Ingraham’s show for this segment, Greenwald is giving oxygen to Fox News’ attacks on the special counsel investigation because acknowledging that Russia interfered with a presidential election raises some serious questions about what his boy Snowden has been doing over there. Not to mention the investigation continues to highlight the awkward conundrum of just how much, if any, the Bernie Left/Jill Stein crowd was played during the campaign, and by who.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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