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Fake Pajiba T-Shirt Model Also a Fake Donald Trump Supporter

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 7, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 7, 2017 |

I know that there are a ton of bots out on social media disseminating fakes news and propaganda for our President. I never really see them, but I know that last week, Russian bots generated thousands of tweets with #FireMcMaster and #deepstate hashtags, designed to undermine the National Security Advisor, and that Russian-linked bots have created a surge in #ResignPaulRyan in the last two days.

I rarely see these tweets because even on Twitter, I live in an echo chamber. But I know they’re out there. In fact, over the weekend, Donald Trump himself tweeted one of those pro-Trump bots. The dumbass still hasn’t deleted it, either:

You can’t see Nicole’s tweet there because the account has been deleted. Why? Because “Nicole” does not exist. Nicole is a bot. The original tweet, by the way, said: “Trump fights for us … Trump working hard for the American people….thanks,” followed by emojis of a heart and the U.S. flag.

“Nicole,” however, is a bot using a stock photo.

It’s bad enough that Russian bots are stealing stock photos of T-shirt models, but they’re lightening skin complexion, which is stupid fucked up.

There are scores more of these accounts, many of which use these fake T-shirt models.

You might actually recognize that fella up there from the header photo wearing a Pajiba T-shirt. Turns out, he’s both a fake Pajiba T-shirt model and fake Trump supporter.

He’s very convincing as a Pajiba T-shirt model, however. In fact, I am wearing that very shirt as I type this, in part because I wanted to be as good looking as that guy. It totally works, too! You should buy one. The other day, in fact, a woman at the grocery store approached me about my T-shirt, and I excitedly thought, “Whoa! Does she recognize the Handmaid’s Tale quote or the Pajiba logo?”

“Is that Spanish?” she asked.


In the meantime, remember this: While Donald Trump continues to insist that he has 100 million social media followers …

… he actually only has 31 million Twitter followers, and HALF of those (or more than 15 million) are FAKE. Meanwhile:

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.24.13 PM.jpg

I bet that keeps him awake every damn night.

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