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Eric Adams And The NYPD Really Don't Like Being Questioned About How They Do Their Jobs

By Brian Richards | Politics | April 2, 2024 |

By Brian Richards | Politics | April 2, 2024 |


Eric Adams has given many New Yorkers (especially Black and brown ones) many reasons to despise him, and how he does his job as mayor of New York. He hasn’t done a good job looking after the thousands of migrants who have arrived in the city. He offers no solutions to the skyrocketing rents that New Yorkers must pay for their homes, and when it comes to looking for less expensive homes, he blames New Yorkers for his inability to find places to build more affordable homes. He brought back the “stop-and-frisk” policy, which has resulted in mostly Black and Latino residents being the ones who are stopped and frisked by the NYPD. He has cut funding for programs at Rikers Island that are meant to reduce violence and combat recidivism, and refuses to shut down the prison entirely, even though numerous incidents have occurred that have proven it to be unsafe for its inmates. He has ordered first responders to remove unhoused, mentally ill individuals from the streets, whether they want to be removed or not, without providing any solutions or resources to assist these individuals. He does everything possible to maintain the $3.7 billion budget of the NYPD, and line their pockets with funds and resources that they barely need, while he continues to pay dust to the city’s schools and public libraries by cutting their budgets. Oh, and he lied to New Yorkers by pretending that his son’s apartment was his own apartment, so that no one would know that he actually lived in New Jersey while running in an election to become the mayor of New York.

Besides doing a piss-poor job as mayor, Eric Adams is also not very good at taking criticism, which isn’t all that surprising since Eric himself used to be a cop. One of the many things that cops don’t like or appreciate is when people point out their mistakes when it comes to how they do their jobs. Which brings us to this recent interview with Eric Adams on the popular and problematic morning radio show The Breakfast Club (which airs here in New York on POWER 105.1 FM), hosted by Charlamagne tha God (who has faced numerous allegations of sexual assault) and DJ Envy (alleged scam artist, and sworn archnemesis of Desus & Mero). For this interview, they had attorney/political commentator Olayemi Olurin as their guest host. She ended up being the reason why Eric was probably cursing out his staff in his SUV on the way back to Gracie Mansion after the interview had ended.

Eric was certainly expecting a lot of softball questions from Charlamagne and Envy during this interview. What he didn’t expect, and didn’t seem to enjoy all that much, was having Olurin firmly place her foot on his neck and keep it there for almost an hour. When it came to the safety of the New York City subways, Olurin questioned Eric as to why he has spent nearly his entire mayoral career indulging in fearmongering about how utterly dangerous they are (including him and New York Governor Kathy Hochul allowing the recent addition of hundreds of police officers and assault rifle-toting members of the National Guard to be visibly present in numerous subway stations around the city), even though he himself has claimed that New York is one of the safest cities in the world? Why have police officers gone back to constantly doing stop-and-frisks on Black and brown people since his term as mayor began in 2022? How is it that Eric can claim that the NYPD’s conduct as officers has gotten better, but the city has had to pay over $115 million in misconduct settlements last year?

How is it that Eric claims that he has visited Rikers Island, and spoken to inmates and correctional officers on how to improve conditions, but thirty-one inmates have died since the beginning of his administration? (When questioned about how he has shut down several educational programs at Rikers, Eric said that not enough New Yorkers are volunteering to work on Rikers and help inmates, and that this should be happening more often instead of millions of dollars being spent on those programs.) Eric mentioned how he has talked to, and mourned with, the family of Officer Diller, but has he done the same with the families of shooting victims like Win Rozario and Christian Montrose? I could go on with additional examples, but you can watch the interview in its entirety, and see Olurin relentlessly put Eric against the ropes, and keep him there with little to no mercy. (As you watch the interview, pay close attention to how Eric barely looks at Olurin as he speaks to her, and instead gives most of his attention to Charlamagne and Envy.)

Not too long after the Eric Adams interview, Olurin posted this video on her YouTube page, and for nearly a half-hour, she provided sources and references for everything she said to Eric when countering his statements. Her receipts were so long that you’d think she just came from shopping at CVS.

Eric Adams may not have felt the need to respond to how he was treated on The Breakfast Club, but several high-ranking officers of the NYPD like Chief of Patrol John Chell, and Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry, felt differently. They decided to turn their trigger fingers into Twitter fingers so they could express their contempt for Olurin, and how she seemingly cared more about giving Eric a hard time than she did about acknowledging the recent murder of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, who was shot and killed in the line of duty last Monday evening.


These same officers were so insulted by Olurin’s treatment of Eric, her need to question the NYPD, and her seemingly not expressing enough sadness about the murder of Officer Jonathan Diller that they even quote-tweeted when responding to her tweets, so that their followers and supporters could see who was being called out and why. Which, of course, made it easy for NYPD/Blue Lives Matter supporters, and the usual racist f-boys and Pick-Mes on social media, to harass Olurin with their tired and predictable rhetoric. Because it’s not as if racists really need an excuse to insult, harass, and attack Black women on the Internet.



Then there was this particular tweet shared by Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, who is also a former police officer, and which featured a photo of hundreds of uniformed cops attending Officer Diller’s funeral:

It was a tweet that came off as both a boast and a threat to anyone who would dare oppose the NYPD, whether by performing criminal acts that could result in the murder of a police officer or by publicly questioning the city’s mayor about how their administration has only made things worse instead of better. It should also come as no surprise that tweet received plenty of eyerolls and pushback from many people on Twitter. They were not kind in pointing out the irony of an ex-cop tweeting, “Don’t ever cross us,” with a photo of a funeral for a cop who got crossed and lost. They called D’Esposito out for his record as a police officer (which has cost the city over $80,000), and how he received complaints for excessive force, improper search, false arrest of a 75-year-old woman who was taken into custody and chained to a bench at his station house, and how he actually got his own pistol stolen from his vehicle after failing to secure it properly.

They reminded everyone that crime actually dropped in late 2014 and early 2015 when the NYPD went on strike staged a slowdown, that most cops in the NYPD don’t even live in the city (if anything, most of them reside in or near Long Island), and do nothing to stop crime because they’re too busy playing Candy Crush Saga, and watching videos on TikTok of people sharing their dumbass opinions that there have never been any attractive women on Saturday Night Live. (No, I’m not making that up, and no, I’m not sharing the link to the video, because I refuse to sanction that person’s buffoonery.) Some of them just simply posted photos of pigs, Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan in response.


If Eric Adams and the New York Police Department wanted to give their detractors yet another reason to say “F-ck the police!,” and to keep counting the 582 days until they can vote Eric out of office next year? Mission accomplished.