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Donald Trump Really Is The Dumbest Motherf**ker, Isn't He?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | February 16, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | February 16, 2017 |

Donald Trump has been at odds with the intelligence agencies for months. He refuses to read much of the intelligence briefings he’s given; he’s repeatedly insulted the IC on Twitter, comparing the organization to Nazi Germany; he stood in front of the CIA Wall and bragged about his election win; and then yesterday, he started a whole new narrative: That Michael Flynn’s resignation was as a result of criminal leaks from the IC and not because he spoke to the Russians about sanctions and lied about it. It’s this narrative, in fact, that’s taken hold on Fox News and on Breitbart. The right-wing media — which attacked Hillary Clinton for a year and a half over her private email server, and then celebrated the Russian hacks of the DNC and Clinton — is now blaming the intelligence community for many of the problems in the Trump administration.

Last night, Donald Trump escalated things ever further after he got the idiotic thought in his head that he could try and outsmart the intelligence community. From the NYTimes:

President Trump plans to assign a New York billionaire to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies, according to administration officials, an effort that members of the intelligence community fear could curtail their independence and reduce the flow of information that contradicts the president’s worldview.

The possible role for Stephen A. Feinberg, a co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, has met fierce resistance among intelligence officials already on edge because of the criticism the intelligence community has received from Mr. Trump during the campaign and since he became president.

Donald Trump really is the dumbest motherfucker, isn’t he? He’s basically declared war on the intelligence community, a massive bureaucracy made up of thousands of civil servants that Trump somehow believes he can control. Has the man never seen a spy movie? Or watched Scandal. No one ever beats the intelligence community, except Jason Bourne, and even then, the IC comes back stronger than ever in the sequel. Worse, Trump is hiring a buddy — a civilian with little to no intelligence experience — to oversee the IC, which is only going to piss the intelligence community off even more. They’re already withholding intelligence from Trump, because they fear Trump will leak it back to Russia. The CIA thinks that our current President is a traitor.

I’ll just leave this final thought from former counterintelligence officer, John Schindler, who reported yesterday that a senior intelligence official said that Donald Trump would “die in jail.”

“We are now discussing things worse than mere impeachment. If members of Trump’s team colluded with Russian intelligence, the Espionage Act comes into play, and we’ve entered uncharted waters, presidentially speaking.”

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