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Do Your Goddamn Job, Democrats

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | May 30, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | May 30, 2019 |


Folks: Trump is terrified of the growing calls for impeachment. He doesn’t want to be impeached, because if he wins (and he will), he loses. He’ll forever be remembered as one of the few Presidents who was impeached. That will be his legacy, and the legacy of the Republican Senate will be as protectors of the President and his crimes.

Here’s Trump this morning angrily trashing Robert Mueller, although why would Trump want to trash a man who cleared him of obstruction unless of course, Mueller didn’t clear him of obstruction.

This morning, Trump also seemed to concede that the Russians helped him to get elected.

He’s now angrily disputing his own tweet.

As for impeachment? He has NO idea how it works, although he’s really unhappy that people keep using that word.

Not that I need to explain this to any of you, but “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” is a legal term of art. Both high crimes and misdemeanors are not required, although Trump’s behavior and actions fulfill both. Also, in spite of what Trump continues to insist, obstruction of justice does not require an underlying crime.

Also, the courts have no say in impeachment, but for the fact that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court oversees impeachment hearings. That’s it. No court, Supreme or otherwise, can prevent Congress from bringing impeachment proceedings.

A growing number of Democrats are coming out and demanding that Trump be impeached. However, Nancy Pelosi continues to swat the suggestion away, worried about losing an impeachment hearing during an election year. And yes: Republicans probably will not convict, but I don’t understand why Pelosi is not using that to her advantage, why she’s not redirecting the heat toward the GOP?

Every Democrat should be saying, “We are going to begin impeachment proceedings. We will not win. No matter how many crimes the President has committed, the Republicans will not convict. We want to set your expectations accordingly. Unfortunately, impeachment will not save this country. Neither Robert Mueller nor the House Democrats will be this country’s savior. The only way to get Donald Trump out of the White House is to vote him out of office, and that will be up to the American people.

However, it is our duty to ensure that the American voter has all the facts. Because the President and his aides refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas, the only way to present all of those facts is through an impeachment proceeding. We are confident that the President has committed impeachment worthy crimes. Robert Mueller explicitly laid out those crimes in his report. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the Senate believe that the President is above the law. There is nothing we can do about that, except to illustrate that fact for the American people through an impeachment proceeding that we know will not result in a conviction. Democrats, however, will not protect the President. It is our duty to protect the Constitution. Unlike the Republicans, we are going to uphold our end of the bargain by going through the proceeding. If the Republicans want to continue to make excuses for the President, that’s on them. But at least we’ll have all the facts.”

That right there turns all the heat on the Republicans. Are they going to uphold the Constitution? Or are they going to continue to protect the President? Voters will have to decide if they value this President more than the Constitution. I think we know where about 40 percent of the country lies on that question, but Democrats need to give the other 60 percent a reason to vote for them as well as against Trump.

Do your job, Democrats.

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