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Dear Donald Trump and the GOP: Payback Is a Bitch

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 18, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 18, 2017 |

Two days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, he’s going in as the most unpopular President-elect of the modern age. Sixty-percent of the country hates him. President Obama (and Obamacare) has never been more popular. Two-hundred thousand women are going to descend upon D.C. this weekend to protest Trump. Hundreds of thousands more will be protesting around the country. Congressman are having to sneak out of the back of their own town-hall meetings because the crowds are too large. Congressional reps have received more phone calls in the last two weeks than in their entire careers. Voicemail boxes are being filled. Some of them are shutting down their phone lines. Paul Ryan is refusing to accept phone calls or petitions to his office. Amy Brenneman gave out his home address, so that we can voice our complaints there. He won’t be the last.

It’s working, too. The Obamacare repeal is shaky. Trump’s popularity continues to fall. Large swaths of this country have never been more united as they are right now: All in opposition to one man. Against taking healthcare away from 30 million people. Against building a wall. Against a Muslim registry. Against sexism and racism and homophobia. Against ignorance. Against hate.

When Donald Trump gets into office, and middle America finds out that those jobs still aren’t coming back. When robots replace fast-food workers. When millions of poor people lose their healthcare. When local newscasts across the country show people dying because they don’t have health insurance, or being deported, separated from their families. When the price of our smart phones double because of some lunatic trade policy. And when Donald Trump can offer little more than ill-informed narcissistic gibberish, even the most ardent Trump supporters are going to turn. They’re going to become disillusioned. They’re going to swear off politics. They’re going to turn off Fox News, because nothing Steve Doocy can say will change their lives. Some of them will retreat. Some of them will join the rest of us and fight back.

Meanwhile, we’re going to rain hell down on these motherfuckers. We’re going to show up. We’re going to bring our signs. We’re going to chant and sing and love, and we’re going to protect and support the marginalized. We’re going to fill the coffers of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and the Anti-Defamation league. We’re going to continue to make those phone calls, show up at town halls, stalk our Congressional representatives, hang rainbow flags outside our doors.

We’re going to slow shit down as much as possible. Stall his legislation. Sew discord among the GOP and the White House. Air their dirty laundry. Uncover their scandals. Hold them accountable.

In two years when the mid-terms come back around, we’re going to make them bleed politically. We’re going to save Trump supporters from themselves, and we’re going to make the GOP pay.

Watch your assess, McConnell and Ryan. And even if you survive, there will be nothing left of your party but rubble. We got lazy. We got content, but now you’ve awoken a sleeping dragon. We will rise up, and we’re going to breathe fire on your motherfucking agenda.

You fucked with the wrong social justice warriors.

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